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How does Stater Bros digital deals work?Account Setup - Digital Deals - Ready to Use - Parkers Legacy

Stater Bros. digital coupons are saved to a unique Digital ID.There are two types of digital deals; ready to use and clip to save.

To use Stater Bros. digital coupons at the time of purchase, a valid Digital ID is required.Register now!

The Log In button can be found at the top right corner of the page.You can sign in with either your email address or Digital ID.

Digital Deals can be used at the time of purchase if you enter your Digital ID at check out.

Digital Deals are deducted from a customer’s purchase.Digital Deals can’t be added back to the Digital ID or removed from the transaction.

Ready to Use Digital Deals can be found in your Digital ID.The discounts apply to your purchases if you enter your Digital ID at the check out.

The clip to save digital deals are manually clipped by the account holder.You must log into your Digital Deals account to redeem the offers.After checking out to save, enter your Digital ID on the pin pad.Within 15 minutes of being loaded to a Digital ID, Clip to Save Digital Deals can be used.Only varieties in the store are valid for clip to save coupons.

Clicking “Clip Digital” will lead to the My Clipped Coupons tab.You can view the Digital Deals in this way.

You won’t be able to redeem a Digital Deals digital coupon and a manufacturer paper coupon offer on the same item as per manufacturer guidelines.The Stater Bros. Markets Coupon Policy can be found here.

You will be able to see the savings happening on the register screen.Savings will be displayed on your receipt once your transaction is complete.

Please ask the cashier to confirm your Digital Deals are being applied before you make your payment.

Only the specified item can be redeemed for a digital deal.The limits can be found on the Digital Deals website.

The Ready to Use Digital Deals website will always display active.They will no longer be available for use once redeemed, but they will still appear on the website until the offer is over.If you have already used a Ready to Use deal, please contact us.

Your Digital ID is displayed at the top right corner of the page if you log into your Digital Deals account using your email address.You can see your Digital ID on the Manage Account page.

Your Digital ID cannot be changed.You can either register for a new account with a Digital ID or use your same email address.