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How much is enough to live comfortably in Metro Vancouver Is 4000 month enough - Parkers Legacy

How much is enough to live comfortably in Metro Vancouver Is 4000 month enough

Define “comfortably” and then define “Metro Vancouver”.Do you live alone or do you have a partner or family?$4000 before or after tax?

All these variables contribute a lot to the decision, with only the last one being immediately quantifiable.In DT Van, a decent, semi-furnished, 1-bedroom apartment can cost you $2k/month easily, with very lost vacancies and open houses being swarmed by interested singles and couples, fighting for properties with resumes, references, recommendations, etc.It’s insane.

It’s not San Francisco insane, but it’s getting there.I haven’t observed a cliff when you leave the peninsula, but you can go cheaper than that in West End or outside downtown, nothing wrong with that.Food costs depend on your habits.

If you don’t cook a lot, then a decent lunch for each of the average 22 working days per month will set you back $10-$15.That’s, say, $250 on lunches alone.With breakfasts and dinners and decent quality of food, your food expenses climb to $500.

If you have a partner, multiply that by 1.8–2, I guess, depending on the circumstances.Like to eat out every once in a while?Multiple the above by another 1.5–2.

Your bills could be $100-$200, so take that into account.Screw cable TV, I say, it’s unreasonably expensive (as are all telecommunications services in BC) and you get a lot better quality, programming and bang for the buck with Apple TV+Netflix.Does anyone really watch the news anymore?

Don’t buy a car.I’m amazed that a country in a civilized world has a single car insurance agency that sets the costs as they see fit.In the village where I was born, we call that monopoly.

But, it is what it is, so a nothing-special new car, with reasonable down payment and some financing, with insurance and fuel, will set you back a thousand a month, easily.Plus, I hear they make you do regular service check-ups on new cars every 4–5 months, which is also Barbaric.Invest in a decent bicycle, instead.

So, with $4000 a month, presumably net and presumably being single, you’ll be able to make it, but by living relatively frugally, which means no screwing around and throwing money on things you don’t really need.Yeah.

If you are just supporting yourself, that’s plenty.You won’t be in a tower penthouse, but you can afford to rent a decent one bedroom apartment (approx.$1500/month).

Depending on what you eat, usually $600–800/month for groceries and household supplies.Utilities and phone work out to around $200/month unless you have some crazy phone plan.So that leaves you with $1500 month for transportation and recreation.

The issue is that at 0.4 -0.6% vacancy, finding a place to live is extremely difficult.You may need to go up to $2000 for rent just to get a place.Considering I’ve been on disability for 13 years (which was $906.42/month for most of that time) in Vancouver & North Van, I’m thinking you wouldn’t be suffering too much at $4000/month.

There are many different definitions of “comfortably.”What you consider “living comfortably and what portion of your income you anticipate using for the cost of living (housing+food) will play into the answer to this question.If you want to live on your own in a nice place and a nice part of the city, you can expect to pay 1200 dollars or so in rent.

Perhaps another 800 dollars or so on food.As with anywhere, if you don’t mind what you are spending on entertainment, you can run out of money pretty quickly.None of this accounts for saving any money.

In short, the answer is yes.

It depends how many people you are supporting, and what your rent (if you are renting) what your life is like.1000 for a rent if you want a nice home, food for 1 person a month costs 200 give or take, if you want to eat healthy.If you want TV, internet utility, etc, that’s another 200 for you.

(depends on your needs) The average middle class worker earns 50k, roughly 4000 per month, yes, but if you are just starting off here, you would be in the ‘low class’ and will probably only earn 20k.But given what I said, 2k should suffice…