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How To Look Like an Angel - Parkers Legacy

Have you ever wanted to be an angel?It is easy than you think.You can accentuate your skin’s natural glow with nude, glittery makeup and wear your hair down to feel like an angel.Put on a white outfit and complete your angel look with jewellery, shoes, and a bag.Don’t forget to smile and show your inner angel.

Step 1: It’s possible to make your skin glow with a little makeup.

A trademark of an angel is healthy, shiny skin.If you want to create this look, mix a drop of liquid highlighter into your makeup and rub it all over your face.If you want your skin to have an even glow, try to cover your entire face.This can be used to create a similar effect if you have a “glow” or “shimmer” moisturiser.

Step 2: For a natural look, wear shimmery nude eyeshadow.

Adding glitter to your face makes you look better.If you want your makeup to look natural, choose nude eyeshadow.Close your eyes and rub the eyeshadow on your eyelid with a brush or a finger.If you don’t have any shimmery nude eye shadow, dust a little highlighter powder over your eyelid.

Step 3: Make your eyes stand out with mascara.

To increase their volume, apply 1 coat of mascara to your lower and upper lashes.If you want more volume, apply a second coat.If you have light colored natural lashes, choose brown mascara for a natural look or use black mascara to make your lashes stand out.If you are going to get wet, use waterproof mascara.Clear mascara is a good choice if you want a natural look.

Step 4: To make your lips look full, wear a natural lip colour.

If you want to look healthy and radiant, choose a lipstick or lip stain that is as close to your natural colour as possible.If you want a natural look, apply the colour to the lines of your lips.If you prefer not to wear lipstick, a light coating of lipgloss or lip balm can accentuate your natural lip colour.

Step 5: Leave your hair down in waves.

Even if you have long hair, you can still pull off an angel look.When you turn your head, untie your locks, let them hang loose, and flick them gracefully.Curl your hair with a curling wand or iron.Pull your hair behind your ears to keep it out of your eyes.If you have a lot of flyaways, mist your hair with a spray.If you have short hair, wear a headscarf to look like a halo.If you want to wear your hair up, try a halo or French braid.

Step 6: To create an angel look, wear all white.

It is easy to look like an angel by wearing white.Wear a long white dress, white jumpsuit, or white pants with a white shirt.To create a traditional angel look, wear loose clothing, or wear tighter clothes for a modern look.If you want to stand out, wear a coloured belt or singlet.

Step 7: Accessorise with gold or silver jewellery.

You can add jewellery to your angel outfit.If you want to make your outfit sparkle, consider wearing silver or gold rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or hairpieces.It is possible to wear silver jewellery that has small crystals.The crystals look pretty.

Step 8: White or silver shoes are good for creating a sleek look.

You can make your outfit look cohesive by wearing white or silver shoes.Go thrift shopping to find a new pair of shoes.Good options include sandals, sneakers, heels, and boots.It is hard to feel like an angel if you have sore feet, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Step 9: You should carry a white bag to store your items.

You can use bags to store your phone, keys, wallet, and other personal items.If you want to complete your outfit, consider carrying a white backpack, handbag, or clutch.White has a habit of attracting dirt, so be careful where you put your bag.

Step 10: If you are going to a party, wear angel wings and a halo.

The perfect pair of angel wings and a halo can be found in a dress up shop.Any outfit that looks angelic will look that way with these!For a traditional look, wear white wings and a silver or gold halo, or choose coloured ones if you want a bright and bold look.Try to make your own angel wings.