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How To Make Acidophilus Yogurt - Parkers Legacy

Good digestion is supported by acidophilus, a naturally occurring “good bacterium” that helps sustain strong intestines.Acidophilus is found in the human body but also in yogurt, sauerkraut, miso and tempeh.A diet rich in live active cultures is needed to encourage and maintain a healthy digestive tract.Acidophilus yogurt recipes are easy to make and can be made in a variety of flavors.

Step 1: If you don’t use whole milk, combine 4 cups of milk and 1/2 cup of powdered milk in the saucepan.

The burner should be set to medium heat.

Step 2: It’s important to keep the mixture from sticking to the pan.

The temperature of the milk should be 180 to 190 degrees.The instant read thermometer can be put in the milk periodically to determine the temperature.Remove the saucepan from the stove and let the milk cool down to 115 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (46 to 48 degrees Celsius).Continue after the milk cools.

Step 3: The spoon has 2 tbs.

Add 2 tbs of plain yogurt to a small bowl.The milk has been heated.The mixture is smooth.

Step 4: For 2 minutes, add the mixture to the rest of the milk.

Step 5: The contents of the saucepan should be put in a container.

Step 6: Wrap the container in the kitchen towels and place it in a cooler.

When the yogurt sets, sit for 4 to 6 hours.

Step 7: The yogurt should be refrigerated.

When it is completely chilled, the yogurt will be ready for consumption.