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How To Make Almond Milk Yogurt - Parkers Legacy

Almond milk is a good alternative to milk from animals because it is low in fat.It’s popular with people who follow a vegan diet.Almond milk has become more popular due to its benefits.There are many almond milk recipes that call for animal milk.There is an article about how to make almond yogurt milk.Those who make their own yogurt think the fresh taste is worth the time investment.

Step 1: The almond milk can be made.

You need vegan milk to make vegan yogurt.Almond milk is made from almonds.In a food processor, blend almonds and water.Unblended nuts can be removed from the almond milk mixture.You can use a nut milk bag or a tea ball for this step.

Step 2: Culture starter should be added to the milk.

If you want to add culture starter to almond milk, you need to check the package directions.Culture starter products recommend preparing the culture starter and almond milk mix at room temperature.You can warm the yogurt on the stove if necessary.

Step 3: The yogurt mixture should be Fermented.

The process of making yogurt takes about 8 hours.When the yogurt making process is complete, an automatic yogurt maker will alert you.If you don’t have a yogurt maker, you can put the almond mixture into a Dutch oven and place it in an insulated thermos for 8 hours, then transfer it to a clean container for cooling.

Step 4: The yogurt can be put into the refrigerator to slow it down.

When you strain it, it will taste better.

Step 5: If you want to keep the cheesecloth in place, put a piece of it over the opening of the jar.

Step 6: The yogurt can be strained into the jar by pouring it over the cheesecloth.

Wait about an hour for the consistency of yogurt.Wait longer for thicker yogurt.

Step 7: Finished.