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How To Make Greek Yogurt with Goat%27s Milk - Parkers Legacy

A really thick and creamy Greek yogurt can be made with goat’s milk.It is a great snack that is healthy and delicious.You can make your own yogurt at home and get all the benefits.You can make your own goat’s milk greek yogurt by heating the milk, adding live cultures, and straining the yogurt.

Step 1: In a dutch oven, heat 2 US quarts of goat’s milk.

Slowly heat the milk.At 170 F, it should happen at 180.Try to get the best goat’s milk you can find.Measure the temperature of the milk.

Step 2: Cool the milk to 120 F.

The dutch oven can be cooled by turning the heat off.The step should take 30 minutes.The yogurt will not set well if you let the milk cool too much.You will kill off a lot ofbacteria if you don’t let it cool down.

Step 3: The yogurt starter should be added to the dutch oven.

You can use a starter with either Bifidus or L. acidophilus.When you add the starter, use a whisk to mix it in the milk.There are multiple places where you can get the yogurt starter.Store-bought freeze-dried yogurt starter packets with live cultures can be used.

Step 4: The temperature in the oven should be 100 F.

When you reach your desired heat, use a timer.If your oven frequently falls below its set temperature, you should use an oven thermometer.This is more common with gas ovens.

Step 5: The oven should be wrapped in a towel.

The dutch oven should be placed in the center of a towel.Wrap the excess towel around the sides of the oven.The towel should be tightly hugging the dutch oven to make it more effective.One of the reasons yogurt making fails is not being able to keep the yogurt at the correct temperature.Use a towel you don’t care about because it can get oven marks.

Step 6: For 6 to 12 hours, place the dutch oven in the oven.

Let the yogurt sit and set a loud timer.If you disturb the yogurt, you can mess with its cultures.Don’t put the dutch oven in the oven.Keep your arms and legs away from the inside of the oven by using heat protection.

Step 7: If the yogurt doesn’t set after 6 hours, it’s time to check.

Set yogurt has a pool of cloudy liquid on top and a consistency underneath.Continue to check every 30 to 60 minutes if the yogurt doesn’t set.The first thing to look for is the liquid.If there is a layer of liquid, put a toothpick or straw in the yogurt and look for the consistency.

Step 8: The dutch oven needs to be removed from the oven.

Place yogurt on a heat-safe surface after the yogurt has set.Use heat protection when cooking in the dutch oven.

Step 9: Put the liquid out.

There is a liquid at the top of your yogurt.It should be cloudy and yellow.Slowly pour out the liquid from the dutch oven.You can save the liquid for a milk substitute.

Step 10: The strainer should be lined with something.

If you want the strainer to sit comfortably over the opening of the large bowl, use a handle, hooks, or prongs.If you want to press the cheesecloth down, place up to 2 layers of it over the strainer.If you don’t have a coffee filter, you can use a tea cloth.

Step 11: Attach the strainer to the bowl.

The strainer should be placed over the opening of the bowl.The strainer needs to be secured on the side of the bowl to prevent it from falling into it.If you want to help secure the strainer, you can put a large rubber band around the sides of the bowl.

Step 12: Let most of the liquid strain through when you scoop the yogurt into the strainer.

Scoop the yogurt into the strainer using a large spoon or ladle.Slowly pour the yogurt into the strainer if you don’t have a spoon or ladle.Quickly let the liquid out.If you push down on the yogurt, it will speed up the straining.

Step 13: The bowl should be put in the fridge for 2 hours.

Once the liquid has slowed down, do this.The yogurt should be thick for 2 hours.If you want to make cheese, don’t let it strain for too long.You can either save it or pour it out.You can use the frozen liquid in baked goods.

Step 14: You should store and chill your yogurt.

Take your yogurt out of the container and put it in a bag.It can be kept refrigerated for up to a week.Enjoy or gift your goat milk yogurt.Place yogurt in a bowl with plastic wrap if you don’t have a container.