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How To Make Yogurt Parfait - Parkers Legacy

How To Make Yogurt Parfait

Some of the most popular breakfast items are yogurt, strawberries, and blueberries.parfait is versatile.You can make it as you please!It’s easy to prepare and one of the most delicious breakfast meals.The added benefit of it being healthy is that children and adults will love it.

Step 1: Pick out your ingredients and organize them.

The ingredients are in a list.Parry ingredients are completely changeable.On your work station, keep them near each other.

Step 2: The glass should be in the middle.

If you put the ingredients in this container, try to keep them close to the food items.In the freezer or fridge, chill this glass.It keeps the food fresh.

Step 3: A quarter cup of yogurt is enough.

You need room in the glass for the other ingredients if you want to add all of the yogurt.You can add any other ingredients at this point.This is what makes a parfait so unique.You can add strawberry jam for a variety of things.Leave some room in the cup for the final step.

Step 4: The yogurt should be three-fourths of a cup.

You want more yogurt on the top.All of your cereals and fruit will get soggy if you have too much on the bottom.If you want to intensify the taste of the fruit then add a flavored yogurt, but I recommend using plain yogurt.Substitute a fruit for a yogurt.You should serve the dish fresh after you have prepared it.The food will get soggy if you don’t like it.

Step 5: Finished.

Step 6: Take a small amount of yogurt and put it in a long glass.

Step 7: The chia seed, goji berry, and flaxseed mix should be added to the yogurt.

Add the cinnamon and the fruit.Modifications can be made to make it your own, such as adding banana, apples, strawberries, etc.

Step 8: Add more yogurt.

Step 9: You can also add a snack of your choice.

Step 10: In a smaller amount, add more of the chia, goji, flaxseed mix.

Step 11: The dark chocolate should be shaved on top.

Enjoy your snack.

Step 12: Finished.