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Is attending BCIT for something computer related worth it - Parkers Legacy

Is attending BCIT for something computer related worth it

Ask any BCIT grad about whether attending the institution was worth it, and I will almost guarantee they will all say “yes.”BCIT does not teach fluff.There are no electives to speak of.

There are no useless classes.Every program is designed to give the student everything they will need to perform their job.They hire teachers who have industry experience.

This is wonderful because the teachers offer real life application of the knowledge they are teaching.They can answer the tough questions.Each program is designed with the help of industry leaders.

Since technology and innovation is always evolving, so too do the programs, to remain relevant.There are many employers who will only employ BCIT grads.Or, if given a choice of a BCIT grad or a college/university grad, often the BCIT grad is selected.

If you look at their website, you will see data for each program and outcomes upon graduation.The hiring/employment rate is significant.Many, including myself, were hired before graduation.

Life at BCIT was very challenging.Many people drop out of their programs.The drop out rate for each program is substantial (in my program, 50% of the class dropped out).

I was almost one of those students who quit.If it wasn’t for my friends and classmates, I surely would have dropped out.It was hard, hard work.