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Is there a place in Montreal where you can get great seafood? - Parkers Legacy

Where can you get great seafood in Montreal

Milos.Milos is a Greek restaurant that serves fish and seafood so fresh that it is the standard in Montreal.

The olive oil on every table is made by his sister, in Greece, from their own olive groves.

They grow their own herbs in a greenhouse on the property of the restaurant.

The last time I ate there, I asked the waiter if the fish was fresh, and he looked at me like I was mad.

36 hours ago, this fish was swimming in the Mediterranean, the answer I got was.

It doesn’t come cheap, but it’s a great splurge for a seafood lover, if you want a credit limit increase before you go.

I like going to the small and friendly Greek restaurant on Guy street, which has great seafood for an affordable price.

It’s cheaper than Milos, and it’s as good.

For a neighborhood restaurant type of experience, I recommend Panama.

There are many great seafood restaurants, but you can check out the reviews on Zomato or Goggle Maps.