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Should I study interaction design and software engineering in Vancouver or New Zealand - Parkers Legacy

Should I study interaction design and software engineering in Vancouver or New Zealand

You should probably get a more useful response from another techie in your field, as far as the AUT education quality is concerned, but as for the rest, I’ll respond by comparing with Will Fowler’s comments on Vancouver (above).Pro:

Ditto, ditto, ditto and semi-ditto.5.Australia’s (Melbourne and Sydney) 3 hours away, other major citites a little more.Really cheap airfares to be had.6.

Very ditto7.Semi-ditto8.Are you serious?

You think poutine is FOOD?Jeez, I thought it was (fantastic-tasting) crap.In Auckland, you get fantastic-tasting real food.

And crap.And the rest:1.Weather is not a con.

Much more moderate and summer happens when it’s winter in the US/Canada and it’s good to send pix of yourself surfing, lying on the beach, barbequing, yachting… to all your friends to show off when they’re freezing their asses off.When it’s winter?Meh, a bit of rain, may need a coat for a couple of months.2.

Socially – students like anywhere in the world (except Vancouver apparently).Dumb drunks, very friendly.Nerds like nerds everywhere.

As nice as Canadians.3.It’s not so good for ski-bunnies as Canada: a bit of a hike to the best ski fields in the South Island, unlike Vancouver where you can get to Whistler in a hop.But you can get to the North Island Whakapapa fields in about 4 1/2 driving, and that’s not too bad.

Bonus: the winter is only 3 months anyway.4.Public transport diabolical but you will probably live near the campus.We drive on the left.

Because it’s the right side, ok?5.People (in the student age group) are pretty insular and can be a bit small-minded.

They don’t think they are, though.They think Americans are.Go figure.6.

Not too many druggies – the methamphetamine epidemic is over its heights, and you won’t wander too easily into the ‘wrong’ area and find yourself in drug-dealers alley by mistake and I did once in Vancouver.7.Not horribly expensive, but that’s subjective.8.State-paid Accident Compensation Insurance means that even as a foreigner you will not need to be insured for medical costs of anything ‘accidental’.

Including if you break a leg playing soccer, or need stitches when you cut yourself breaking into the window of the house you’re burgling.Yes, really.Fall over?

Need physiotherapy for the pulled muscle?State pays.9.If you do decide to burgle or become one of the druggies, the cops don’t carry guns.

They’re as grumpy as cops everywhere, but tend not to beat people up.Ok, so ‘the rest’ turned out to be fairly pro, I guess.I’m biased.

I’m an immigrant in NZ and I think it’s the perfect place for students from other places.Best reason to come to New Zealand: it looks much cooler to friends.Canada’s great, but you went to New Zealand?

Software engineering @ UBC.

It will give you optionality.