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The Montréal Expos moved to Washington. - Parkers Legacy

Why did the Montréal Expos move to Washington

The Expos had not had a winning season since 1979 and were losing money, so they moved to Washington D.C. and became the Nationals.

Since the Senators broke camp and went to Texas in the 70’s, D.C. has been trying to lure a baseball team back.

The only thing they had to do was play in the National League because the Baltimore Orioles, play in the American league and the owner of the Orioles Peter Angelos was the only one who didn’t want the Nats to move to D.C.

Montreal is not an ideal place for an American past time like baseball, so when the nats moved to D.C. they began their playing days in an old RFK stadium.

Nats Park is a state of the art baseball only stadium and has been getting better and better each year.

You can get to D.C. by going to Nats Park in SE D.C., the area is booming with restaurants and bars.

Territorial rights are similar to the mess that the A’s and Giants are having over San Jose, but Montreal has American suburbs.

Plattsburgh, NY (1 hour from Montreal) and Burlington, VT (2 hours) are cities close to the Canadian border, which is considered an extention of Montreal’s metropolitan area.

When it came to sports league territorial rights, Plattsburgh, NY and Burlington, VT weren’t considered as part of the Montreal market.

The overlooked consideration is the Olympic Stadium.

Francophones don’t like baseball because it is slow and boring and the stadium is built in the wrong side of town.

The baseball team didn’t have enough people in Montreal to follow it.

There are rumors that Montréal will soon have a baseball team.