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The websites of universities estimate tuition at a higher rate than what we hear about them. - Parkers Legacy

Why the tuition that is estimated by the websites of universities ex mcgill 35000 is higher than what we hear about them ex mcgill 15000

For example, the price that out-of-province and international students pay is different.

The price for a course credit for out-of-province (but Canadian) students vs. international students was $100 vs $300, although this is from memory and over a decade ago).

A certain number of credits are required in order to complete your degree, and this may be different for each program.

At most Canadian universities, the cost of tuition is determined by the number of credits you take, regardless of whether you pass or not.

As a last point, my mother paid annual tuition to the tune of $750/year in the 70’s. Because it pays salaries, tuition must rise, at the very least with inflation, but hikes tend to happen in fits and starts, so word of mouth information might contribute to the discrepancy