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What are some great tech startups in Vancouver - Parkers Legacy

What are some great tech startups in Vancouver

Dooly is an up-and-coming startup founded by the former EVP of Sales at Vision Critical and the Lead Engineer at Mobify.The team there is solving a problem that most sales and customer-facing folks face—the tedious task of keeping their CRM up-to-date.They’re getting some serious traction, with their client roster including the likes of Intercom, Salesloft, Vidyard, EverString, and BigCommerce.

› The platform syncs your notes, fields, and tasks straight to Salesforce, while providing you with the information you need, when you need it.Your focus remains on what matters most—winning over your customers.You can sign up for a free trial on their website.

Tech startups are expanding in Vancouver.Some fields are more advanced there including FinTech, E-commerce, and Social Media.These are the ones that raised recently (2015) significantly.

Payfirma (FinTech-Ecommerce) Raised $15M in 2015 Groupland (FinTech) Raised $10M in 2015Mojio (Hardware+Software) Raised $8M in 2015Stox (FinTech) Raised $8M in 2015We also created a Data Visualization on startups funding in Vancouver and how different fields are growing over last 10 years.

These are all great suggestions – to add a few more names to the list:Build DirectVision Critical6S MarketingPayfirma Check out the companies going through GrowLabs & Invoke Labs to see young up-and-coming startups.Also take a browse through Angellist and Crunchbase by city.

Parsable (office is in Yaletown).We build a mobile collaboration and workflow app for industrial teams.Parsable Product Video With it, teams can create and execute complex procedures, collaborate in real-time with each other and across the supply chain, and access everything they need to get the job done right, anywhere and on any device.

We’re well funded and have a built a high performing team.20m Series B Announcement (Funded by Lightspeed, Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Andreessen Horowitz, First Round Capital, and more.)We’re hiring!

Hey!Parsable just opened an office in Yaletown.Parsable makes productivity applications for industrial settings (think replacing big paper binders of instruction manuals with mobile apps and github like content management).

Slack has an office in Vancouver.Procurify, backed by Mark Cuban is here.Foodee, which just raised a 8 million Series A is in Vancouver.

A Thinking Ape, and Axiom Zen, both Ycombinator companies are here.

I’m the founder of Tuft and Paw – we’re a modern cat furniture startup based in Railtown in Vancouver.

Recently hired our director of product, product engineer, and product designer and looking to build out our team to help produce amazing, innovative pet furniture.

A Thinking ApeMobifyIndochinoEast Side Games (company)