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What are some must do things when visiting Vancouver area

Museums: Museum of Anthopology at UBC.Provincial Museum in Victoria – take the bus, or a bicycle, and ferry.Victoria is small enough to walk around (or cycle).

You might consider getting a used bike from e.g.Sports Junkies to enhance your mobility.$40/day is probably going to limit your options, if you can’t drive places.

You can walk/cycle around Stanley Park, Pacific Spirit Park, Lighthouse Park on the north shore, etc.You can go wildlife viewing on boats from Steveston – see sealions, seals, maybe killer whales.If you can get to Squamish or Whistler there is climbing and mountain biking in summer.

You can try windsurfing or dinghy sailing at Jericho in Vancouver.There are probably kayaks for rent somewhere, maybe Granville Island.Vancouver has a moderately cosmopolitan collection of restaurants and ethnic shops.

I will skip over the classic Vancouver tourist activities other than to quickly list them: Grouse Mountain, Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Victoria, Whistler, Sunshine Coast, Granville Island.These are all worth doing but other than the parks they may overly dent your budget.Aside from that: An even more budget-denting activity is the “Sea Safari” in Horseshoe Bay.

It’s around $80 PP IIRC, but it’s totally awesome in my opinion.If I had a friend visiting and I could only do one thing with them, and money didn’t matter, I would pick this.Nope, I don’t work there ;)For $0, there are a ton of hikes on the north shore mountains, if that’s your thing.

Maybe the least ambitious but with a great reward (view) is practically in my back yard, Quarry Rock.It’s VERY busy, though.If you are more hard-core, I would suggest Lynn Peak; the next level up from that could be Coliseum Mountain.

These are all easily accessible by bus.For camping, IMO one of the nicest campgrounds around is Porteau Cove, about 1/2 hour north of Vancouver.You may have a hard time getting in, though.If you are in Abbotsford (already somewhat to the East) and have almost 2 months you should probably check out Manning Park (about 1.5 hours East) and Penticton/Kelowna (3–4 hours East).Both have a ton of water/lake oriented activities.You may also want to visit the US, from Abbotsford it’s only 15 minutes away and unless they have extended their antipathy towards Mexicans to include South America, you may want to check it out.

1-suspension bridge2-Vancouver Aquarium 3-forbidden vancouver :Vancouver walking tours.4-Stanley Park Horse-Drawn Tours.5-Harbour Cruises & Events .6-FlyOver Canada7-Located in the downtown Harbour Centre, the Vancouver Lookout.8-Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.9-Vancouver art gallery 10-science world :hands on interactive displays, inspirational feature exhibitions, jaw-dropping science demonstrations on Centre Stage, immersive films in the domed OMNIMAX® Theatre and awesome shows in the Science Theatre.11-Grouse Mountain, The Peak of Vancouver.

That is a great time to come.The only time of year when it isn’t constantly raining.Beaches, parks and hiking is free.

You’ll have to drive about two hours from abbotsford to Vancouver.Or you could just ride a horse in.(Sorry, I couldn’t resist- abbotsford is farm land and Vancouver is a city.)

if you don’t need to pay for food and lodging, that amount of money should be fine.You can do mostly free stuff, and pay for things you really want to see, like maybe the aquarium or science world.The sky train is a good way to get through the city, but it doesn’t go out to abbotsford, so you’d have to get to where it starts (coquitlam I think- about halfway between Vancouver and abbotsford) You should definitely get downtown (Vancouver) for the fireworks.

Last week of July and first week of August.Wednesday Saturday Wednesday Saturday.Then Sunday morning is the pride parade and festival, and the Monday is our provincial holiday.

If you drive downtown on those days, expect ridiculous traffic and to pay a lot for parking, most of which is unavailable those days.Better to take transit, but that will also be packed.

Visit one of the mountains; Cyprus, Seymore or Grouse.Go to so of the beaches.Spanish Banks is my favourite, Kitts is nice but crowded in the summer.

Wreck Beach if you can manage all the steps down there, or coming up’s more to the point, don’t go overdressed ☺.Take in a concert, there’s always someone impressive in town.Elton John, Kansas and Paul McCartney are on their way.

You’ll probably need to get your ticket in advance.Watch a Whitecaps game.Enjoy the buzz of Commercial Drive, great record shops like Audiophile, and inexpensive ethnic places to eat.

If its summer, take in Bard on the Beach for a dose of Shakespear.Granville Island’s worth a few hours, a bit of a tourist trap but it’s interesting.Crowded in the summer.

Why not hire a bike in Denman St and cycle to Granville Island, most of it will be on a car fee cycle paths, following the water front and beaches.If you have kids, Science World, even if you don’t.The Aquariums woeth a visit which is in Stanley Park.

Hire a car and take a trip out of town, maybe visit Pitt Lake for a hike or hire a canoe.To each there own.

These are a few must-do’s in the Vancouver area….. Capilano suspension bridgeGrouse Mountain Sky RideWhistler Village ski resortPeak to Peak Cable Car – Blackcomb Mountain to Whistler Mountain returnUBC Campus including Nitobe Gardens and Museum of ManGranville Island MarketSea Bus to Lonsdale Quay Market in North VancouverQueen Elizabeth Park GardenVan Dusen Gardens especially at ChristmasSimon Fraser University campus for architectural interestLaw courts downtown VancouverStanley ParkEnglish Bay and Spanish Banks beaches during the summerWreck Beach nude beach below the cliffs of UBCScience Centre Sphere in False Creek

You don’t have to spend $40 every day.Spend more on one day and fast on the rest.I would strongly recommend bus-ferry tour between Vancouver and Victoria.

I can never get tired of the ferry ride—the views are beautiful.Hang around Stanley Park and Canada Place Take a one day bus tour to Whistler.As other people have mentioned, and you are in good shape, go hiking.

Capilano Suspension Bridge ParkHang around English Bay and Denman StreetGo up Grouse MountainGo to Granville Island MarketHave lunch outdoors at the cafe at the Art GalleryExperience Fly Over CanadaGo to Deep CoveGo up to the lookout at Harbour CentreExplore Stanley ParkGo to the Anthropology Museum at UBC

Beaches gastown.Grouse mtn.Stanley park.

Museum of anthropology.Clubs.Music.

Depends what you like.You can kayak ride bikes.

Take the Gondola to the top of Grouse Mountain.