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What are the average class sizes in computer science at Northeastern and McGill, if any? - Parkers Legacy

Would you recommend McGill or Northeastern for computer science undergraduate and what are the average class sizes in CS at these institutions

I studied business, not comp sci, but I know people who did so so I can speak on their behalf.

I started making a pros and cons list, but decided to just give notes because what can be a pro to some is a con to others.

I have a shirt that says “Harvard-the McGill of America”, which is a reference to the school.

It’s a standard 4 years of classes. Nothing complicated to explain to aunts and uncles.

Imagine if New York spoke a language other than English.

I only met one person who didn’t speak English, a cashier at Burger King, but almost everyone prefers to speak French and some will not hide their annoyance at speaking English.

There is an enclave in the western part of the city where almost all of the classes are conducted in English, but you will rarely go there.McGill itself is excluded from this as all the classes are conducted in English, but prepare to do work with French speakers who prefer their language.

This was supposed to be a beginner class, but it was the hardest class I have taken.

I contacted a friend who was a 3rd year math major at NYU for help, but he was unable to do most of my homework.

In order to graduate with up to a year and a half of work experience, you will have to take time off of school.

You will graduate a year and a half ahead of every other person in terms of experience, and you will graduate with a full time job lined up.

It has a big city feel but is not a big city for college students.

It is one of the largest tech hubs in the world, with access to professors in every discipline you can think of.

It is not hard to get a meeting with a Harvard or MIT professor.

I got an A in the class after retaking the class at Northeastern and having a single teacher that did.

I ran into that professor about 5 miles away from campus at midnight, and she called me by name and ran over to say hi. I think Northeastern is a better place to go for real world experience and a job.

If you are from Quebec, you may feel more at home at McGill than Northeastern.

I was lucky in that I received enough financial aid for cost to not be a factor, but for most students this is a major consideration.

I enjoyed the program that I did at McGill.

I had professors like David Avis who were knowledgeable and amazing, and we were in the class.

The faculty is the most awarded in Canada, and the average class size is much larger.

I am not sure how Northeastern compares to MIT.

I have seen it ranked above Columbia in the early 2000’s and it is usually in the top 25 in the world.

Northeastern seems like a fine school, maybe a top-75 in the U.S. McGill would also offer cheap tuition compared to most U.S. private schools, let me know what you think!

Gill is similar to a top level Ivy in terms of caliber of students.

I am a graduate student and I am not sure about the class size, but the undergrad from NEU is worth it.