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What are the hottest web startups in Vancouver - Parkers Legacy

What are the hottest web startups in Vancouver

hootsuite.commobify.meathinkingape.com (chatterous.com)tinyspeck.com / glitch.com (started by Flickr’s co-founder Stewart Butterfield)layerboom.comsummify.com (Shameless plug)unbounce.comhttp://hockey-community.com

Vancouver tech startups are active in several area.Fintech and E-commerce are growing recently.Also, game has always been popular in Vancouver.

Here are those that recently attracted major investments.

We definitely have our fair share in Vancouver.Hootsuite is practically a household name in Vancouver, so I’m not going to count them.Here are the top 3 web startups in Vancouver according to Techvibes 100: October 2013 Edition.



a few not included on Mircea Pașoi’s list: strutta.comeastsidegamestudio.com/home.htmlgrowlab.ca/indochino.com

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