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What is considered a good salary for living in Vancouver for a family of 4 - Parkers Legacy

What is considered a good salary for living in Vancouver for a family of 4

It depends on WHERE you reside in Vancouver, how far you have to commute, if you need childcare while both parents work, whether your kids can attend a local public school or have some specialized need, and what leisure / extracurricular activities you wish to pursue.If you can live/work in the same area, cycle commute, walk to public school, use transit & only rent a car or car share infrequently, and choose free/low cost leisure activities then $100k+ is good.If both parents work, you have one or more cars, activities like ice hockey, or skiing, an international family vacation and maybe childcare – a combined income of $250 k is good.

I’m not saying I like it, but I’d say it’s accurate.Vancouver is beautiful but taking advantage of opportunities here is $pendy.

That depends on how many of you are working.If two of you are working and earning no less than $50,000 each, depending on your life style and aspirations it should be enough.If only one of you’s earning obviously you need to earn as close to $100.00 as possible for a comfortable life style.

Vital pieces of information are missing from the question.1 Does the family: own a home outright, is paying for their domicile, or is this family renting?2 Is the question referring to metro Vancouver or does it consider the surrounding region in which at least 5 times more people are living today?

3 Does the family assume to place their children in private schools?Will they cook at home or eat out?

I would say over 100k.

Under it will be a struggle to have a comfortable life in Vancouver for a family of 4.