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What is current placement of graduate mechanical engineers in Ontario - Parkers Legacy

What is current placement of graduate mechanical engineers in Ontario

Unemployment line or flipping burgers at McDonalds.Seriously, the mechanical engineering jobs are going to overseas workers willing to work for PR and minimum wage.Start by looking at the parking lot of the big firms you might want to work for.

Are they predominantly Hondas and Toyotas?Or Cadillacs and Corvettes?If the average car there is worth less than 40k, the average worker is making less than 60k leading you to a rough deal of having a degree half as good as the top 1% of the graduating class of a billion Indian students and Chinese students.

Just to rub salt in the wound, you finish your program, no job, massively in debt, in Ontario with no other option but to drive for Uber.Ooops.The Government of Canada didn’t pay their employees this week!

They now all drive for Uber to pay for their food!Maybe forget about going to Carleton for a minute!Maybe it’s time to upgrade your license, become a truck driver, or heavy duty mechanic!

Either or!You still make more money, don’t incur the same debt load, and are going to get work guaranteed that will pay for everything you need!Plus you can leave Ontario and make money in Alberta or Saskatchewan!

But if you go to Carleton and think for two seconds going through a program that is devalued by over a billion people because that’s a lot!Just to satisfy your ego and to go into debt for is still worth it, the liberal party is also recruiting new people to run for it daily!And there might even be a home for you stocking shelves at Walmart next to the guy who has a doctorate in medicine from Cuba.

Or the Ecuadorian doctor or the Indian Engineer or the Chinese philosophy student.I am not writing this to say Carleton is a bad place to learn.It’s actually really good.

I am writing this to say that any degree now isn’t worth what your paying for it because the market has changed.People just don’t value pogs anymore either.Or fidget spinners, or beyblades, or any number of countless items that can be found at Value Village.

Those items at Value Village had shelf value once, probably really expensive.Now they are being resold as a commodity to be recycled because someone wanted it once, but not anymore.The degree system had market value once, when few were being issued.

Now its a machine to pump out students.For every new degree issued, the commodity value decreases due to supply and demand.No new revenue generation in Ontario since 1995 leaves Ontario in a major deficit.

This means few jobs, many mouths to feed.Just focus on HD mechanics and be happy.It’s close right?

Same field more money!Get an AZ license and bam!You make more than an average engineer and with more skills too!

If you fix cars, heavy duty equipment and drive as well, you are worth 60 an hour and will likely get it.And you will never be broke, nor in debt, and you will always have a love interest on your shoulder.This is the area you need to focus.

Now learn already because my truck is broken down in Thunderbay and won’t be ready until Monday apparently!Nobody is available to fix it!They are too busy!!!!