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Where would you prefer to live? - Parkers Legacy

Where do you prefer to live Montréal or Calgary And why

Calgary is not culturally rich, so I will focus on Montreal.

The first thing that comes to mind for me is not glamorous but it is important.

Quebec has the highest taxation in the country for income, retail, property and so on.

You will get at least an extra months net pay by moving toAlberta instead ofQuebec, and you will love the mountains for white water kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, nordic and Alpine skiing.

The cultural issues with Quebec are still a factor for most anglo Canadians.

If you are muslim, or not white, there will be more racism there than in calgary. Also, if you are an anglo who speaks french, you may encounter some problems with those who are prejudiced towards anglo Canadians.

If you have an accent to your English that isn’t Canadian, you’ll be fine.

It is not comparable to Montreal in that it is easier to live without a car and it has a lot of concerts and great restaurants.

Calgary is very conservative and Montreal is liberal.

The province of Quebec believes in big government and high taxes, although social services are still pretty good in the province.

Even though there is a large English-speaking population in Montreal, you won’t be fully integrated into the culture if you don’t speak the native language.

Most people who live in Montreal speak both English and French, but if you don’t speak English at all, you might as well be a militant nationalist.

I don’t understand you!” when someone speaks French to you, expect slight hostility.

There were a lot of whites in the late 20th century, but now it’s very multicultural and natives don’t have a good reputation due to crime and substance abuse.

In Eastern Canada, it’s not something you experience.

You can see them on a clear day, so a short drive on the weekends if you like to hike, go camping, mountain bike, kayak, or basically do anything outdoorsy.

Montreal has a better arts and entertainment scene than other cities.

A lot of bands come through town, but it’s nowhere near as big as Montreal.

The Saint Lawrence Seaway leads to the Atlantic Ocean and there are two rivers that run throughCalgary.

It is a hub for organized crime becauseBiker gangs and the Italian Mafia are entrenched and linked with many corrupt officials in many aspects of Quebec law enforcement and government.

There are many scandals in the news and people say it has been cleaned up.

It is still the worst place for corruption in Canada, even though it has a fair amount of crime.

Fentanyl has flooded the province and there are more deaths from overdoses than from car accidents and murders combined in all of Alberta.

The drug trade is controlled by Asian gangs and Mexican groups.

It is normal for the government to be slow in responding because not enough white suburban kids are dying.

The winters in Montreal are cold and there is a lot of snow in the summer.

It can be nice and warm in the month of January in the city.

In Canada, it is sunny more days of the year than almost anywhere else.

It doesn’t matter what level of experience or education you have,Calgary is one of the best cities to find a job in.

The minimum wage in Quebec went up to $11.25 a few days ago and will peak at $15.20 in the year 2021.

It’s next to impossible to find a decent job in Montreal if you’re not bilingual or speak French only.

I have lived all over Canada and I have to say thatCalgary is one of my favourite cities to live in out of the country.

If you have a choice, you can live in Calgary.

Calgary is a great city to live in.

If you are ambitious and drive, you will be able to build a successful life here.

I was a broke loser kid who started off plumbing and was making six figures in less than a decade, and I was not special, I just worked my ass off and took all the responsibility that was offered.

The night life is trash, the car scene is trash, the events are trash, and the venues are all trash.

In a city of this size, we have a few nice restaurants.

The weather is ok on average, it is one of the sunniest cities on the planet, but it is next to impossible to weather.

We can go from -50 to -50 in 3 days, then up to -50 in less than 2 weeks.

It can get pretty windy during the sudden weather shifts, but we are one of the safest cities on the planet because of our extreme weather.

The heat is not humid, the cold is a dry cold, and the government is run by retards.

The geniuses want to be a world class city, so they shut down downtown roads in order to build bike lanes, in a city that can have 2 feet of snow for 8 months of the year.

The city council threw them out on their ass because they had no interest in hosting the Indy 500.

The mountains are right nearby, underground street racing is a thing because the city of Calgary decided to turn our only track into a garbage dump expansion, Banff is nice but expensive, and it’s a nice weekend getaways.

Is it true that you are kidding?

If you have the choice you want to be in Montreal.

There is something for everyone.