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Which Toronto startups have the nicest offices - Parkers Legacy

Which Toronto startups have the nicest offices

Shopify has a beautiful office at 80 Spadina Ave. Beautiful decor, great layout.They host a decent number of events in their space, in case you want to check it out.BrainStation is in a really cool building just down the street at 460 King St. West.

It’s connected to Quantum Coffee, which is a great hangout spot in the King West tech hub area.500px at 20 Duncan St. also has that open concept industrial vibe that’s popular among startups these days.These are some of the ones that I’ve been to that have stuck out; there are definitely tons more awesome startup offices in Toronto.

I am not sure what the definition of “nicest” is, but BuzzBuzzHome Corp. has the coolest one!Set in a turn of the century house, converted into an office, just north of Yorkville.It always has great coffee and espresso flowing, and an open door policy where real-estate fanatics are always stopping by to get the latest industry gossip.

Oh yea…

Well, our office doesn’t look like it was just photographed for Azure Magazine, but we’re pretty happy with it.

By most definitions it’s not as nice as this office we used to work out of at 548 Richmond, but for our scale, it’s perfect, and for day to day work, surprisingly brighter.

I don’t know if ours is the “nicest” in Toronto, but here are some photos of our office: More about us at:www.archonsystems.com Our Facebook page with more office pictures:https://m.facebook.com/archon.systems

My personal fav’s are www.chickadvisor.com (Adelaide and Spadina) and www.talentegg.ca (Yonge and Bloor) – both have space in the Downtown Toronto area but I’m biased as I helped them find it.