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Who are the best startup lawyers in Vancouver

It’s been almost 3 years since my original post and based on recent emails I have received from various entrepreneurs in Canada & the US asking for referrals, I thought it was time for a quick update.In the past few years, I have also worked on various projects with different lawyers and some of the lawyers I recommended previously have moved on to different firms.Here are my top tech startup Lawyers for Vancouver that I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know over the past 10 years!

Keith Spencer, Shahrooz Nabavi and Ally Bharmal of Fasken Martineau – experienced, incredibly knowledge, caring tech lawyers and all around amazing human beings.Keith wins lifetime achievement awards for a reason and Shahrooz has been there to answer my questions at the most unusual hours.I am very thankful for their guidance and support over the years!

I just started working with Ally and he has been really great and comes highly recommended!James Smith – LaBarge Weinstein.While it has been a while since I have worked with James, he is probably one of the best tech startup lawyers in Canada and is incredibly supportive of the startup community.From startup to exit, he gets it and is a friend to the entrepreneur.

He now calls Vancouver home.Mark Longo and Justin Young at Osler – I worked mostly with Longo when he was at Clark Wilson.He was very startup friendly and supportive of Tech entrepreneurs at the time and many of the entrepreneurs I sent his way have been very happy.I met Justin many years ago when he was at Labarge Weinstein.

While we have not worked together yet, I have heard really good things from my network and always enjoy connecting with him when I run into him in the city.He has experience on both the Founder & Investor side.Dayna Forsyth from Irwin White Jennings – She is as smart as whip and has a lot of experience with M&A.I have not worked with her directly with any of my startups but she has worked on the side of our VC.

She is a really good person to boot.Gal Smolar – I met Gal when he moved to Vancouver from Israel.Very knowledgable, to-the-point lawyer with strong global experience.I did not work with him directly as he had worked mostly on the Investor side at the time.

When it comes to hiring a startup lawyer, you’ll definitely want to do your homework.What makes one startup lawyer stand out from the rest?Check for these key things: Experience You want someone who knows what they are doing.

The legal industry is a big one.There are many, many types of law out there.You’ll want to be the one that you choose to have experience with startups specifically, and perhaps even in your industry.

Cost Let’s face it—startups are usually strapped for cash.Make sure you have a clear understanding of the costs associated with your lawyer.You shouldn’t have any hidden fees to deal with somewhere down the line.

Communication Communication is everything when it comes to doing legal the right way.You shouldn’t have to talk to a secretary or wait for days or weeks to get a response.Your lawyer should be reasonably assessible.

If not, you’ll likely be wasting your money without getting any results.If you’re looking for all of this, then I’d like to invite you to check out my company, LawTrades.We offer the largest platform of freelance attorneys.

This means that you have more access and less cost without sacrificing quality service.

Shahrooz Nabavi.He came from excellent recommendations and intrinsically understands how to create value through simplicity.Knowing what to leave out can be more important than knowing what to add in and this couldn’t be more true in corporate law for startups.

Can’t say enough great things about James Smith and his team at LaBarge Weinstein.We at Picatic.com swear by James Smith js@lwlaw.com and their whole firm.James is extremely personable, responsive, kind, understanding and knowledgeable.

James understands founders, he’s a founders lawyer – Period.

Shahrooz Nabavi is our lawyer for Foro .

He has been an excellent lawyer and advisor.

Mark Longo at Clark Wilson is very good.He knows the nuances of tech startup partner agreements inside and out.