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Who makes the best bagel in Montreal. - Parkers Legacy

Who makes the best bagel in Montreal

I pick up a dozen or so fresh bagels at 4:30 in the morning before I head to P.E. when I come back to Montreal, from Vancouver.

Trudeau/Dorval Airport is an amazing place to go back to because of the wonderful smell of freshly baked bagels.

All you hear is: “I knew I forgot something.”

I was the instigation of the Montreal Bagel wars with Hamilton a few years back, which ended with us flying 6 dozen MTL bagels to Hamilton, and 6 dozen Hamilton bagels to MTL for a simultaneous taste test in Montreal Gazette offices and in Hamilton.

I have to say that Montreal Bagel is one of the best bagels I have had in Montreal, and I would like to hear what you think.

The best Bagel in the province is from the St-Simon Bagelerie Saint-Simon, which is organic.

I had always been a fan of St. Viateur’s sesame bagels, but recently tried Fairmount so I could know which side of the debate I stood on.

I had a bagel from Fairmount and it was quite good but I didn’t think it was as good as theirs.

I’ve eaten a lot of both St-V and Fairmont since I lived above them.

I like to sample a few over the years, my preference is:FairmountFaubourgSt-Viateur, but Dad’s is closed.

I only went to Dad’s a couple times because it was out of the way, but I really enjoyed the bagels and the family was nice.

Both of them make the best bagels.

Both of them are good and I vote for Fairmount.

Saint-viateur bagels are rolled a little bit thinner and boiled a little bit longer so they’re a bit more firm on the outside than I want.

I’ll fight anyone who says bagels aren’t good, because they’re delicious and not like those huge, puffy, dry cake bagels.

It’s better to eat alone.

If both locations are combined, St-Viateur will win the bagel war by a huge margin.

Real Bagels is a great place to get a bagel if you want a fresh bagel.

I am not a fan of bagels, but I heard Bagel etc.

There are coconut bagels at Brossard Bagels.