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Who was the most successful head coach in the history of the Montreal Canadians? - Parkers Legacy

Who was the most accomplished head coach in the history of the Montreal Canadiens

I was a young boy when the Habs won the Cup for 4 years in 1976 to 1979 and their coach was Scotty Bowman, who won more cups with the Habs than anyone else.

He was with the St Louis Blues when they went to the cup final as an expansion team and won 5 cups.

The Blues went on a run that ended in the finals after he took over as head coach at 34.

He won a memorial cup in the 50s before coming to the NHL and it’s no coincidence that the Red Wings became winners for the first time in forever when he joined them as a consultant.

I would argue that he took a great team and made them unbeatable, even though he had a great team with the Canadiens.