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Why do people think the best looking women in Canada live in Montreal? - Parkers Legacy

Why do people always say the best looking women in Canada live in Montreal

I have lived in Montreal for most of my life, and have traveled throughout Canada, so why do people always say the best looking women in Canada live in Montreal?

I will try to be objective, but I will not talk about beauty standards, geographic standards or anything else.

Montreal has a multicultural population. It has a European feel.

Springtime allows women to shed the chrysalis of the parka for more revealing clothing options, and it also has a more “hedonistic” culture.

I joke that I can find 10 women in Montreal better looking than the America’s Next Top Model picks on the Metro.

I was told that people don’t know how hard it is to be a girl in Montreal. I used to roll out of bed, throw on sweats and go to class.

You need to plan on 30 minutes for makeup and have your clothes picked out a week before or you will be a social pariah.

Montreal women have style.

They pride themselves on looking good and generally are very well put together.

There is a lot of the same expectations by men.

It is a great city for people to watch.

There are no racial, genetic, historical or social reasons why women in Montreal should be any better looking than anyone else.

After 6 months of being bundled up in winter coats, people in Montreal start to shed their clothes around April and this is especially true of women.

If you don’t get into stereotypes, Montreal is probably the most hedonistic large city in Canada and it might affect perception.

Even though I live in Montreal, I have never heard of that.

I don’t think you can “geographically distribute” women’s beauty, or judge it according to the place they live in

The definition of beauty is not the same for everyone, and there are many different definitions.

I think that every woman is beautiful in her own way, and that Montreal is a city with a lot of diversity.

This great diversity, and the representation of a lot of ethnicities, shows us even more beauty from all around the world.

Montreal and the rest of Canada have beautiful women.

There is a wonderful glow to the complexion of the skin due to the humidity of the area.

I know men from Africa who love larger women and have no interest in the Barbie Doll look, while others like women who are skinny, and my idea of beauty goes a little deeper as the personality of the women plays a much bigger role than the physical side.

It is a bit like Parisian women who carry off their look with the most aplomb.

There are people in Montreal who have never been outside.