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Why is the Vancouver Lookout Tower at Harbor Center so famous - Parkers Legacy

Why is the Vancouver Lookout Tower at Harbor Center so famous

As far as i know, its famous for two reasons.1.)Its the only restaurant/observation tower built atop an actual office building.

If you GOOGLE ‘towers’, you will notice that its really the only tower known to be part of an office tower design.Its clever and very distinctive in a city with not that many architectural marvels.2.)

Famed US astronaut Neil Armstrong was there on opening day and put his hands and feet into concrete for posterity.Unfortunately, that concrete block has now gone missing from the tower.Overall, its a great tower to go up because you see a wide assortment of areas/landscapes from one vantage point (harbour, mountains, ocean, city, downtown and park views, etc).

They even allow you access to the tower multiple times during the day to see the view during different day/night hours.There is also a great little shop that sells reasonably priced things to buy.I always go up on Remembrance Day (November 11) to see the ceremonies at Victory Square.

You can watch the cannons fire at the Harbour, see the aircraft fly overhead, see the televised program and the actual crowds at the square (and the parade) all at once!The only criticism i have, is that they should restore the original movie theatre up there and show interesting local docs about the city.