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Why is Toronto Canadas best city - Parkers Legacy

Why is Toronto Canadas best city

This is rather subjective, all of Canada’s cities have their pros and cons, Toronto just happens to hold the largest population out of all of them which might make it seem “the best.” I personally don’t think this is the best city in the country but in terms of a metropolitan, it’s probably the most functional in North America.Meaning major social issues get dealt with rather quickly here and doesn’t get out of hand like some of the other major cities.Also, in terms of it’s geographical location, it does make for a great business hub.

It’s “grid” style infrastructure, along with it’s centralized locale (in between all the Great Lakes), it can make for a lot of options in terms of logistics and overall access to resources.The place definitely works, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best.The ocean is much too far, and the landscape here is vertically challenged.

For the same reason that the Cult of Exceptionalism says that the USA is the best country in the history of the planet.Torontonians aka Hogtowners believe that they live in the centre of the known universe.Every cultural pursuit and most human endeavours reaches it’s peak within the city limits.

The result is that the one thing that all other Canadians share is a dislike of Toronto.A guy from Saskatchewan once told me that he met a guy from Nova Scotia in an airport in Europe and the first thing in common that came up was a shared dislike of Toronto.In my travels I have noticed the same feelings about Paris, Moscow, Caracas, Mexico City, etc.

My alma mater was about 50% from Toronto, 10% from Ottawa and Montreal, then 30% from all over Canada plus overseas.Whenever you met another student for the first time an inevitable questions was “where are you from”.I soon learned that the best comment after hearing “I’m from Toronto” was to say “oh, I’m so sorry”.

World famous hockey team Exceptional highway system.Just look how wide that highway is!

Only the people of Toronto know the answer to that question.