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Will I find a job in Canada Ottawa Toronto with a masters degree in multilingual communikittenion and native fluency in French and English - Parkers Legacy

Will I find a job in Canada Ottawa Toronto with a masters degree in multilingual communication and native fluency in French and English

A2A – Ottawa is the most multilingual city in Canada, fluency in French and English go without saying in employment you describe.Toronto – perhaps to a lesser degree.That said, I think you might want to consider a broader scope, one that includes your interests over specific locations.

Your qualifications are bankable in Canada, clearly of merit in Ottawa, but not unique.Take a look at government job postings, and don’t dismiss the United Nations – UN job postings are mind boggling.You have a desirable degree – try not to limit yourself, and do what makes you happy.

French-English bilingualism is extremely common in Ottawa and required for many jobs, including server jobs at McDonald’s.Seriously, go into a McD’s in Ottawa and first thing you will hear is, all in one breath, “May I help you qu’j’vous aider?”Many jobs in Ottawa are Federal civil service jobs, all of which generally require this kind of bilingualism as an entry-level requirement.

Probably as a translator or even teacher at several schools that teach French/English.Keep in mind that Canadian (Québécois) French has several differences from Parisian French and you would need to know those go be able to provide translation and adaptation.

How do you wish to apply your language skills?There is lots of work for technical writers, business analysts and policy types in Ottawa.I know in my business, translation is machine based and offshored.

You would be better off in Ottawa – it’s a bilingual city with lots of job opportunities for someone with native French/English communication skills.

French isn’t used in Toronto.

Bilingualism is relatively common.But, the ability to perfrom translation is not.Ottawa and the Federal Government is my idea of the better bet.