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Will there be an end to Toronto s overpopulation - Parkers Legacy

Will there be an end to Toronto s overpopulation

No – As long as Toronto is a good city to emigrant to people will still come – Toronto is relatively clean and safe – great night life (entertaimnent) lots of choise of where to live – great shopping.

– The only problem is the city concellors are not thinking world class – new and fresh thinking is need to address many of our issues – how does New York – London – Moscow – Sao Paulo – etc -handle all the issues that people bring –

It’s funny, but I had a conversation with an older lady from England a couple of days ago and she was saying that Toronto’s population is going to be increasing steadily within the next 10 years or so.With all the new condo developments Toronto is looking at having approximately 10 million people by 2025.I’m not sure if that’s statiscally correct but I can see it.

However if that is the case and she is correct about her numbers Toronto doesn’t have the infrastructure right now to be able to accomodomate that many residents.TTC is already overcrowded and our roadways are congested as well.

No as more people come to Canada the most chosen places to go are Toronto Montreal and Vancouver.Toronto is expanding rapidly and they are thinking of using our green spaces for more housing.