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Will they build the Pickering airport to service the new Innovation corridor - Parkers Legacy

Will they build the Pickering airport to service the new Innovation corridor

In a word yes, but not just because of the innovation corridor.Toronto is growing at an amazing pace as is the public’s appetite for air travel.To determine when and in what form the new airport will be built, Transport Canada awarded a multi million dollar consulting contact to KPMG in 2016.

It is expected to be released shortly after the federal election.update: the KPMG ASA report has been released march 5 2020 just as Covid-19 hit and as expected it suggests breaking ground on a new industrial/ utility airport in 2026.A summary from the report: Pickering Airport is needed (ASA Page 18) •In 6 scenarios, Pickering Airport construction suggested to commence in 2026 and enter service as an Industrial Airport with Passenger service starting ( when needed ) as early as 2030 (ASA Pages 372-374, 486, 489) •Passenger capacity at Pickering Airport can be delayed beyond 2036 if “modest expansions” are made at Pearson, Billy Bishop, Waterloo and Hamilton airports (ASA Pages 210, 211) •There is a sound financial case for Pickering Airport (ASA Pages 357-491) •The need for new passenger capacity and the need/viability of the airport are distinctly different issues reviewed in different sections of the four part ASA.

A local anti-airport MP appears to have confused these issues with an erroneous press release that a few mistook as official Transport Canada statement.as the country is dealing with the pandemic, Transport has no yet released a statement , but demand for utility is increasing.