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Would the rent be less in Toronto if I move in winter - Parkers Legacy

Would the rent be less in Toronto if I move in winter

There is currently a housing crisis in Toronto.Many rental units have come off the market in favour of Air BnB rentals which yield higher monthly revenues for owners.House prices have gone through the roof which put people out of the housing market due to prices which has increased the supply of renters.

To top it off, current renters are afraid to leave their units for fear that they will not be able to move back and afford it which further reduces the supply.This has resulted in the lowest vacancy rate of all time and landlords are demanding higher rents because they can.Until this is rectified by either incomes increasing, housing prices decreasing, or the government imposed changes in with regulation, there will never be a time where rents are less in Toronto.

Rent in Toronto is just like stocks, it depends on supply & demand.Generally speaking there are some times during a calendar year that Rent will be lower but this will all depend on the landlord, agent they are using & what the demand for that kind of property is in that area.Consider the biggest moving dates for renters: Jan 1st, July 1st, September 1st.

Would the rent be less in Toronto if I move in winter?Rental prices do not change with the seasons.

Not at all.If you are a new tenant you have to pay for hydro and heating in winter would increase your rent.A/C in summer can be expensive if you have it full blast.