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Would you buy a Yorkville or Waterfront condo in Toronto - Parkers Legacy

Would you buy a Yorkville or Waterfront condo in Toronto

I would tend to buy in Yorkville.You would have readier access to more shops, restaurants, gyms, theatres and so on.Really the trick is to find a well built condo.

That means an existing one if you are actually planning to live there and not just investing.There are just too many problems with pre-buying a condo.The way Ontario condominium law is, you have little recourse if there are building problems in a new condo.

Developers often present one version of what will be built (via prebuild drawings) and then deliver something else all together.One developer of a condo complex at Don Mills subway station was being sued because instead of a direct walk through to the subway platform as the promo videos showed, there was no connecting tunnel and you had to walk outside to the regular subway access.That meant a long set of stairs down or waiting for a subway elevator.

If you can find it, there was a recent news program on CBC tv detailing these issues.Try to get a history of the building.There have been issues with windows falling out of condos and water damage from leaking windows (causing floor damage in one case on the CBC program).

Low condo fees are not particularly good news either as it may mean the condo board has not sufficiently funded for renovations.

If you are looking for a downtown condo, Waterfront condos Toronto is a great place to start.Modern, iconic towers etch the Toronto skyline.Each boasts its own distinctive view of Toronto Islands to the south, Harbourfront to the west, the Leslie Spit to the east and Canada’s financial and entertainment heart to the north.

Waterfront condo for sale in Toronto (One Yonge Street) is the new hot place for community life and entertainment.

I think this totally depends on your travel patterns, where you work or play.Additionally when you say Waterfront, there is downtown and Etobicoke.For instance Etobicoke can be great if you work on the west side of town, but if you have to travel into or through the city why would you want the extra grief.

Water Front is one of the most expensive places to buy real estate in Canada.This area also has some of the highest median rental prices and the highest cost of living.The good news is that condominiums remain relatively affordable.

While the prices of condos in downtown Toronto are higher than prices in smaller cities, many still consider them as a more affordable and more attractive options to detached homes.

If you want to buy Yorkville or Waterfront condo at the best price in Toronto, Ont,CANADA.Then contact to Timothy Swift- Sales Represent for better option with affordable price.

There are several benefits of living on waterfront, such as fresh air, stellar views, improved fitness.However it is said that the closer you get to live near water, the more air quality tends to improve.