Understand how NFTs work.

You've heard about the hype.Why are they so hard to understand?A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique, collectible digital asset.A digital asset is anything that can be represented digitally, such as a graphic, music file, in-game item, video, or other item that has its own unique role, function, and value.Every NFT is unique, which means some can be quite valuable.You've been hearing about people paying millions of dollars for graphics and videos.The mystery is taken out of non-fungible token. Step 1: Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are both on the same platform. NFTs are different from cryptocurrencies."Non-fungible" is the main difference between the two.The US dollar can be traded for something else of the same value when it is "fungible."Let's say you give your friend a twenty-dollar bill.If you have a $20 loan, your friend can pay you back with a combination of ten-dollar bills and two five dollar bills.For example, if you want to trade 20 worth of Bitcoin for 20 of Cardano, you can still have 20.If you want to have the same thing, you can trade one Bitcoin for another.There is no exact equivalent to something non-fungible.While you can purchase a reproduced print of theMona Lisa, there is only one original.If you want to get the same value as the original, you can't swap it for anything else.The characteristics of an NFT make it unique and different from other paintings.You can't trade an NFT for something that is similar, or break it into separate assets that can be bought or sold.A plot of land, a car, or even a trading card are examples of non-fungible items you can own.Even though there are many types of houses, cars, diamonds, plots of land, and trading cards, each individual asset has its own factors that add or subtracts value.No diamond is completely interchangeable with another diamond because they have different colors, sizes, cuts, and grades. Step 2: The value of an NFT is not dependent on others. The value of an NFT is determined by what someone is willing to pay at the time.If you own 2 Bitcoins, the value is always dependent on the price at any given time.An NFT is not based on what someone else pays.If Musk buys a used Nintendo Switch at an auction for $500,000, that doesn't mean all of them are worth that price. Step 3: A NFT is a link to other data. When you buy a currency, you are buying something on a ledger.When you buy an NFT, the item is not actually stored on the block.This is what you actually own, because the NFT contains a URL or link to that item.You may lose access to the actual content if it is moved to another location on the web.You can save digital files to your computer or replicate them online, but only at the location specified by the NFT.Interplanetary File System, or IPFS, is a system that is being used to address this issue.If the original file location is unavailable, a piece of content can be found online as long as it's being hosted somewhere. Step 4: The cats are "adoptable" and function like trading cards. It was one of the earliest NFTs to generate mainstream interest, and they are still popular today.Similar to buying or trading Pokemon or Magic the Gathering cards in person, you can buy, sell, and trade collectible Cryptokitties on the blockchain.The virtual trading card NFTs were popular so quickly that they almost broke the network. Step 5: NBA Top Shot is a marketplace for collectible in-game moments that can be bought, sold, and traded. All of the collectible moments are licensed by the NBA. Step 6: There is a series of 10,000 collectible 24x 24 characters. When you buy or trade for a coin, your proof of ownership is stored on the internet.You can only buy them from their current owners now that all 10,000 of them have been claimed.This makes them very expensive. Step 7: The internet-famous image of a cat with a Pop Tart for a body is called Nyan Cat. There are millions of Nyan Cat images on the internet, but only one of them is a CSD.Chris Torres created the original Nyan Cat meme in 2011.The winner of the auction purchased the Nyan Cat NFT for 300 ETH in May 2021, which was $714,846. Step 8: The in-game items in Decentraland are NFTs. You can use MANA to buy estates and parcels of land in Decentraland. Step 9: Buy an NFT. Depending on what you want to buy, you can buy NFTs on various platforms.OpenSea, Rarible, and Nifty Gateway are popular marketplaces if you're just browsing.If you want to start, create an account on the platform or marketplace.It's important to remember that owning an NFT doesn't give you ownership of the item it represents.The person who created the item referred to by the NFT is free to sell or redistribute it to other people.All you own is the record.Purchasing an NFT doesn't give you permission to reproduce the associated content without the creator's permission.The author of an autograph book can autograph other copies of the same book and sell them to other people without repercussions. Step 10: You should get a wallet. The price of the NFT will be in the type of coin you'll be expected to pay.If you don't already have one, you will need to get one.If you're buying an NFT on the ether platform, you will need an ether wallet, such as Metamask or Coinomi.If a specific wallet is required by the marketplace you're using, you can find that information on its website.Decentraland recommends using MetaMask on their website.The game's MANA token is supported by Metamask.If you're buying from NBA Top Shot, you will want the Dapper wallet, which can be used to purchase cryptocurrencies with a credit or debit card.The wallet you choose should support NFTs.The Trust wallet is one of the most popular wallets that supports NFTs. Step 11: Add some money to your wallet. The steps to buy cryptocurrencies varies by region.All of the popular exchanges allow you to purchase ether, which is usually the currency required to buy NFTs.It's great if you can buy it from your wallet.If you store it in a wallet that doesn't allow you to buy it, you'll need to send the currency you buy from an exchange to the wallet's address. Step 12: Purchase or bid on your NFT. If you're on an auction site like Rarible, you can place a bid on the amount of NFT you want to pay.In the case of Rarible, you'll have to pay in ether, the service's currency, if you win the auction.