Understand people who love diapers.

Adults who enjoy wearing diapers are called diaper lovers (DLs).Reasons to wear a diaper might include convenience, sexual pleasure, or simply preferring the way they feel over regular underwear.You might not know how to react if someone tells you they enjoy wearing diapers, or if you meet an adult who prefers to wear diapers.If you understand more about diaper lovers, you will be able to relate better to them.

Step 1: Understand how diaper lovers act.

A study found that most people who like to wear diapers or engage in adult infant behavior began to express these desires in early adolescence, around age 11 or 12.Most diaper lovers are male and employed.More men than women engage in diaper behaviors, such as wearing a diaper.

Step 2: Many diaper lovers have problems with incontinence.

Some people start wearing adult diapers when they start to have accidents.Over time, they grew to like some aspects of them, and they had to wear diapers.

Step 3: Personal history is something to look at.

Some studies have shown that adults who participate in infant behaviors and diapering may have a history of sexual abuse.Some people prefer to be called "she" when they are biologically a male.Some people are involved in diapering.Even if they make choices you wouldn't make, it's important not to judge them on their past or how they express themselves now.

Step 4: Some people prefer to act like a baby.

Some people like to live in an infant lifestyle.Some people use diapers to relax or have sex.You don't want to act and be treated as an infant if you wear a diaper.

Step 5: Some diaper wearers enjoy diapers for sexual reasons.

Leather and rubber are some of the sexual objects and practices that people enjoy.If they did not cause sexual feelings in some people, it would be surprising.

Step 6: It is time to recognize fetishism.

There are some people who enjoy wearing diapers.These people derive sexual pleasure from being treated like infants.The desire to use a diaper is consistent with the lifestyle.Adult babies may enjoy playing with baby toys, being cared for, and engaging in baby activities.The behaviors vary from person to person.

Step 7: Many diaper lovers are in relationships.

Many adults with interests in infant behavior and/or diapering are in relationships and their partners are aware of the behaviors.A diaper can be a part of a sexual activity.

Step 8: Know that diaper lovers are not pedophiles.

There is a sexual activity with a prepubescent child.Adults who like to role play as infants are more likely to practice wearing diapers for pleasure.They are usually physically mature adults.Those who role play as aliens are not aliens.It doesn't mean that the individual would want to be with an alien.

Step 9: You should ask a diaper lover about the situation.

Instead of treating diaper wearing as taboo, approach it with an open mind.Ask if you have questions about wearing diapers.If someone tells you that they enjoy wearing diapers, he will be more than happy to explain it to you.He may be reluctant to do this unless he trusts you a lot.When asking about this behavior, be respectful.Let him know that he is supported.

Step 10: Accept the diaper being on.

If the diaper wearer is in your life, you should accept diaper wearing behavior even if you don't understand it.It's nice to be accepted by others if you have different quirks about yourself.If someone reveals that he is a diaper wearer, you should be aware of how nervous or ashamed he may be.It is important to feel accepted for your secrets, and it is difficult to have a personal secret.It's okay if someone wants to express himself in a non-traditional way, even if you don't understand it.

Step 11: Let the individual be accepted.

Accept the person as a person even if you don't understand the practices of being a diaper lover.You should learn to accept that each person has their own quirks.It may seem like a huge difference between you two, but focus on similarities.To appreciate the person for who he is, learn to see past the diaper.Accept him on a personal level if you show the individual that you see past the diaper.He experiences the same things as everyone else.It's possible to have a relationship with a diaper lover.