Unrestricted use stock not equal to available stock is called restricted stock.

Corporate executive compensation packages include restricted and unrestricted stocks.Unrestricted stocks do not have certain conditions that must be fulfilled before they can be transferred or sold.

There are two types of restricted stocks.Unregistered stocks are not legally registered with the SEC for the purpose of public transactions.The Federal Securities Act of 1933 requires that all stocks be registered with the SEC prior to any public transaction.Rule 144 was put in place by the SEC in 1972 to identify restricted stocks as any privately issued company stock, or company stocks publicly purchased by company executives.According to the SEC, restricted stocks must be held for a certain period of time before they can be publicly sold.Restricted stocks can be sold privately at any time.

A balance of long- and short-term incentive rewards is ensured by the use of restricted stocks in executive compensation packages.Unrestricted stocks are often considered to be short-term incentives because they can be immediately sold, whereas restricted stocks can usually be held for a long time before being publicly sold.There is disagreement about the effectiveness of restricted stocks.Insiders are granted restricted stocks to prevent adverse effects on the company's performance.In order to ensure long-term commitment, venture capitalists are often given restricted stocks in pre-initial public offerings.

In company compensation plans, the second type of restricted stock is used as incentives.These stocks are similar to unrestricted stocks in that they are not restricted.They are restricted because they can't be transferred or sold by employees until they fulfill certain conditions.After an employee stays with a company for a set period of time, these conditions can be related to specific employee performance goals.A company may grant one thousand shares of restricted stock to an employee who can sell them when they meet a performance goal.One thousand shares of restricted stock can be given to an employee who can sell them after two years.

The popularity of restricted stocks increased in the United States after the passing of the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which required companies to expense stock options granted to all employees through compensation plans.The act followed a wave of corporate scandals between 1999 and 2001 in which prominent company executives artificially inflated their company's stock prices to cash in their stock options for their own financial gain.

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