Unturned Bunker Wiki, FandomPump Jack item ID, and give commands, are included in the guide.

The pump jack starts drilling for fuel when it is powered by a generator.As it drills, the amount of fuel it stores increases slowly.The pump jack will reach full capacity after 81 minutes of drilling.At any time during the pumping process, the player can retrieve fuel from the Pump Jack using a portable gas can or jerrycan.

A Generator is needed to function.The rate at which the Pump Jack produces fuel is much faster than the rate that generators consume fuel, meaning that a single pump Jack can produce enough fuel to power a generator.

A portable generator can hold 4 Gas Can's worth of fuel, and a pump jack can produce a full gas can in 16 minutes.If the portable generator starts running out of fuel at 100%, it will take 666 1/3 minutes of constant energy production to run out.

Doorway, Garage, Hole, Pillar, Post, Ramp, Rampart, Roof, Stairs, Wall, and Triangular Floor.

6 Seater Makeshift Vehicle, Bedroll, Campfire, Claim Flag, Clock, Cot, Oven, Oxygenator, Planter, Plot, Pump Jack, Mannequin, Rain Barrel, Safezone.

The Birch door frame is made of Birch Pipe, Birch Siding, and Birch Frame.

The Large Maple Frame has a large Maple plate and a small Maple frame.

The Large Pine Frame has a large Pine plate and a small Pine frame.

Large metal plate with metal door frame and metal garage frame.

Counter, counter sink, fridge, locker, plaque, rifle rack, trophy case, wardrobe.

Pumpkin Seed, Russet Berry, Teal Berry and Vermillion Berry Seed are included in this list.