Update Patient Information Sample MessageHL7 event type codes

The data is needed to complete the bills.The only fields that don't exist in other segments are in this segment.Patient Name and Date of Birth are not required because they are included in the PID segment.The element is listed with its new location in parentheses when the field locators are different on the UB 92.

The details of a particular clinical experience are embodied in the PEO segment.This segment can be used to describe an event which might be related to a product.Products with a possible causality relationship are described in the following segments.The message format was designed to be robust and includes many optional elements which may not be required for a particular regulatory purpose but allow a complete representation of the drug experience.

A PEX message can contain multiple PEO segments if the patient experienced more than one event.

A potential or suspected relationship between a product and a test and an event with a detrimental effect on a patient is communicated by the PCR segment.There is a potential causality relationship between the product identified in this segment and the event in the PEO segment.

More than one product can be included in the message if it is related to the event.