Urge in the ocean discreetly.

Sometimes the closest bathroom at the beach is too far away to get to in time.You have little choice, but to go where you are.There are many people on the beaches.It is possible to go about your business quietly so that no one will suspect.The article shows you how to do that.

Step 1: Don't have people close to you.

Move away from the swimmers if there are some close by.They may become suspicious if they don't see you doing your business.Instead of deeper into the ocean, move to the left or right.You should not go so far away that you can't see or hear anyone else.In case something happens, you want to be close to it.

Step 2: There are clumps of seaweed and other marine plants.

There are a lot of fish and sea animals there.Some of them could hurt you.

Step 3: Look out for other marine animals.

You are more likely to find sea creatures further away from other people.Stay out of the water with any marine life.They may hurt you.

Step 4: Coral reefs are not advisable.

While urinating in the ocean can be beneficial to the marine plants, it can also be harmful to coral reefs.Urine helps plants grow.This can cause a coral reef to grow out of control and block out the sunlight it needs.The coral reef could be killed by this.

Step 5: Stay away from piers.

Keep a distance of at least 100 feet from these places.The piers and jetties are surrounded by rip currents, which are very dangerous.The ocean currents are very strong.They are not at the shore.You don't want to get caught in one.

Step 6: You will be waist-deep in the ocean.

Your private parts will be hidden from view.

Step 7: To see the horizon and waves, turn to face it.

Turn your back on the ocean.A large wave can come up suddenly even if the water is calm.These waves are known as rogue and sleeper waves.If they catch you unawares, they can be very dangerous.

Step 8: At all times wear your swimsuit.

This is to make sure you don't expose yourself.Everything will rinse off in the water.

Step 9: Place your feet in a different position.

Everything will flow out easier with this.Pretend you're enjoying the view.People will be able to suspect what you are up to.

Step 10: You should know how to rinse off when you're done.

There will be some residuals on your swimsuit.If you are wearing swim shorts, take one of the legs and shake it.Take hold of the bottom part between the leg holes if you are wearing a bikini or one-piece swimsuit.Let go when you pull down on it.When you get home, be sure to wash your swimsuit with warm water and soap.Bad smells will be prevented by this.

Step 11: Don't go further than knee-deep.

You want to be able to sit in the ocean without getting wet.Be aware of the horizon and waves.

Step 12: Turn to face the horizon.

You still need to keep an eye out for waves even if you are only knee-deep in the water.Waves can turn into large waves.

Step 13: Your swimsuit needs to be on.

It is a good idea to keep your swimsuit on even if you are hidden in the water.

Step 14: Sitting in the water could be a good idea.

Make sure you don't touch your thighs.To support your weight on your palms, lean back slightly.Pretend you are in the water.You should be looking at the horizon.

Step 15: If you want to, try squatting.

If you don't like the feeling of sand on your skin, you can try squatting or crouching.You might need to go deeper into the ocean for this.The water should not go past your chest.People may begin to suspect if you act like you are taking a rest.

Step 16: Wait for a few moments and then stand up again.

Continue sitting or crouching in the water once you are done.People may catch on to what you did if you stand up too soon.

Step 17: If you have been sitting, know how to rinse off.

You need to shift to a crouching, squatting, or kneeling position.You can get sand inside your swimsuit if you don't do this.Make sure that you are still underwater.Take hold of one of the legs if you are wearing swim shorts.Give it a few shakes and let go.The swatch of fabric between the two leg holes is where you should start if you are wearing a one-piece swimsuit.After a few seconds, let go and tug down gently.When you get home, wash your swimsuit with soap and warm water.Any bad smells will be prevented by this.

Step 18: If you have been squatting, you should know how to rinse off.

Even though you're in the water, there's still some stuff left over.Shake one of the legs by the cuff if you are wearing swim shorts.Take hold of the fabric between the leg holes if you are wearing a bikini or one-piece swimsuit.Let go when you pull down on it.When you get home, wash your swimsuit with soap and warm water.This will keep your swimsuit clean.

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