Use a bungee cord.

There is a good chance that you have at least one or two bungee cords stashed away in your garage, storage closet, or car trunk.Maybe you want to get rid of the bungee cords as part of your spring cleaning because you never use them.You might be surprised to learn that there are a lot of different ways you can use a bungee cord.Hang onto those stretchy cords and start using them in useful ways.You can say thank you later. Step 1: You can use a bungee cord to close the trunk of a vehicle. Pull your trunk down as far as you can to get rid of something that is sticking out of it.If you want to hook one end of the bungee cord through the trunk, you should hook the other end underneath the rear bumper.It is a good idea to do a test drive around the block after closing the trunk, then double-check the bungee cord to make sure the load is really secure.You won't be surprised when you get on a busy road. Step 2: Place a bungee cord across the bags in your car. Wrap a bungee cord around the bag in the passenger seat.You can keep the bag still while you are driving if you hook the ends of the cord together.If you want to keep items out of your trunk, you can hook the ends of a bungee cord to the cargo loops on opposite sides. Step 3: Tarps can be used to protect items against the elements. If you want to protect your truck from bad weather, place a tarp over it.If you want to secure your truck bed, you can hook bungee cords through the eyelets on the tarp.If you are camping, you can use this technique to create a rain shelter.To secure the cords around the trees, just hook the bungee cords through the eyelets of the tarp and wrap them around different tree trunks or branches. Step 4: Wrap the bungee cords around the things. A bundle of firewood, long-handled tools, or rugs is what you want to secure.To secure the bundle, loop a bungee cord around the middle of it and hook the ends together.A bungee cord can be used to hold hoses, extension cords, and lumber.If you're having trouble keeping together in a neat pile or bundle, it might be a good idea to get a bungee cord. Step 5: There is a bungee cord that can be stretched across an open shelf. You can put a nail, screw, hook, or loop into the wall or the shelf on either side of the items you want to secure.Attach one end of a bungee cord to the nail, screw, hook, or loop on one side and stretch it across the items on the shelf.If you have a shelf full of cleaning products in your garage or storage closet, you could use this technique to keep them in place and prevent them from falling down when you are looking for something. Step 6: Light items can be hung from bungee cords to tidy up. A bungee cord can be stretched across a wall.Use hooks or clips to attach lightweight items to the bungee cord, such as bags or purses, decorative towels, artwork, or anything else you want to display.If you have a bungee cord stretched across your garage wall, you could use some S-hooks to hang brooms and other cleaning supplies.Put one end of the S-hook through the eye and the other over the bungee cord. Step 7: To keep garbage can lids closed, stretch a bungee cord over them. The trash can has a handle on one side and a bungee cord on the other.Pull it across the top of the trash can lid and hook the other end onto the handle or edge.If you want to keep the trash cans from blowing over in the wind, you can place a bungee cord across the front of the can and hook the ends to the wall.If you have pests that are getting into your trash cans, this could be a good solution. Step 8: A pair of bungee cords can be used to prevent outdoor tablecloths from blowing away. If you want to attach a bungee cord over the tablecloth and the edge of the table, place it at one end of your outdoor dining table.Attach the other end of the cord to the table and tablecloth by stretching it under it.This can be done with another cord at the other end of the table.If you host an outdoor barbeque or other meal on a windy day, this is a great way to prevent disasters. Step 9: Attach a bungee cord to a piece of furniture to fix a strap or support. There is a missing seat support or back support strap on a lawn chair.If the furniture has a lattice weave pattern of straps and supports, weave the cord underneath the existing straps.You can make bungee cords the focal point of a piece of furniture by weaving cords over and under each other across a chair frame that doesn't have any existing straps. Step 10: You can replace broken straps with a bungee cord. The broken strap should be removed from the attachment points.Attach the ends of a bungee cord to the rings or attachment loops to carry your bag.If you strap on something like a shoulder bag or tote bag breaks, it could save the day. Step 11: If you need to hold your pants up in an emergency, use a bungee cord. If you don't have a belt, Wrap a single bungee cord through your belt loops.Attach a pair of bungee cords to your shoulders and belt loops to make your own suspenders.If you don't want to risk damaging or getting a belt dirty, you can hold up an old pair of jeans.It does the trick, even though it doesn't look fancy. Step 12: Instead of using an exercise band, use a bungee cord. If you want to make handles out of your bungee cord, you need to drill holes big enough for your hooks into a pair of wooden dowels or plastic rods.If you want to make your own handles, cover the hooks in 3-4 layers of duct tape.If you need an exercise band for bicep curl resistance band exercises, you can use a bungee cord.You could use a bungee cord and a broom handle to create a single long handle. Step 13: Wrap a bungee cord around a yoga mat to keep it closed. Wrap a bungee cord around the yoga mat to keep it closed.Attach the ends of the bungee cord together.If you want to create a makeshift shoulder strap for toting your mat around town, you could try cinching the mat closed at both ends with bungee cords.

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