Use a combs on dry hair.

There are insects that affect hair.The most common cause of head lice in children is a direct transfer from one person to another.Poor hygiene isn't the cause of head lice.You can run a comb through a person's dry hair to find individual louse.Dry combing can give you a quicker diagnosis and it requires less preparation than wet combing. Step 1: Purchase a comb. A fine-toothed comb is needed to detect lice.The comb can be purchased from your local pharmacy, medical supply store, grocery store or large retailer.To make sure you have a comb, read the label.The comb has a tooth spacing of 0.2-0.3mm.It might be black to help you identify individual louse.They can't detect individual louse or lice, so avoid getting a nit comb.Regular combs are not suitable for detecting lice.They don't do a good job of detecting and removing lice from your hair. Step 2: Straighten and untangle hair You can use a comb to decongest your hair.This is used to prepare your hair for using a comb.It is possible that it will help you more effectively detect lice.Wrap a towel around your shoulders to catch falling hair.It's possible that this will keep the bugs out of your home.After using the comb, throw it away.It is possible to wash and dry the towel on the hottest settings. Step 3: There is a section of hair. It is advisable to comb through all of your hair.It is possible to comb your entire head if you pull your hair into individual sections.Use clips or hair bands.Before you comb a new section, remove the clips or bands.After use, make sure to throw away hair bands and sterilizing clips. Step 4: You should run the comb through your hair. If you have a regular comb, run it through your hair.comb each section to make sure you don't miss anything.Each section of hair needs to be combed three to four times.If you keep combing, you will be able to detect any louse in your hair.If you have dry hair, be aware that lice will quickly move away from you.Wet combing may be more effective at detecting lice because they are still wet. Step 5: Look for flies. Make sure to look at the comb for individual louse as you comb.There are insects that look like hair product or dead hair tissue.If you want to see any lice, look under the hair for a bright light or a magnifying glass.There is a trap between your thumb and comb.The louse can't get free or static electricity from your hair.Put the louse on a piece of tape and throw it away. Step 6: You should confirm your diagnosis. You can be sure that an active louse is present if you find a live one.Attach a piece of tape, put it in a bag, and take it to a healthcare professional to confirm a case of lice.As soon as you confirm an active case, take steps to treat the problem. Step 7: Drugs can be used to kill lice. Different medications can be used to treat a problem.If you don't respond to initial treatment, switch to a prescription medication.Before you apply the medication, wash your hair.Rinsing hair can help.Follow the instructions in the packaging.Permethrin, for example, can be found in products such as Pyrethrin with Additive, and in prescription products like Ulesfia Malathion. Step 8: Wet the hair. If you want to avoid chemical treatments, you should use a nit comb or a fine-toothed comb.If repeated over several weeks, this can remove some nits.If you want to make hair easier to comb, wet it with water and apply a hair conditioner.Run the comb over the length of each section at least twice.After you have combed each section, wipe the comb clean with a tissue and run it through hot water.For several weeks, wet-combing every three to four days. Step 9: Try it with essential oil. If you experience itching, natural plants oils may soothe it.The Federal Drug Administration does not approve essential oils to treat lice.An essential oil can be purchased at a health food store, pharmacy, or grocery store.Tea tree oil and anise oil are essential oils.Other options include neroli, ginger, jasmine, and lavender.Take 50 drops of oil and add 4 ounces of vegetable oil.Put the oil mixture on your head and cover it with a shower cap.Wrap your head in a towel for an hour before you wash it. Step 10: Get rid of the bugs. Different household products can kill lice.If you coat your hair with any of these products, you can leave them on overnight.To smother lice, use mayonnaise, butter, petroleum jelly, or olive oil.It's a good idea to coat your head with your product.You can cover your head with a shower cap.Remove the product in the morning.You need to wash and rinse your hair.Continue until you can't find anything. Step 11: Stay away from dangerous products. Never use products that are dangerous.If you are exposed to open flames, covering your hair in gasoline or kerosene can cause serious harm to your health. Step 12: The household items are clean. It is advisable to clean household items if you have lice.To minimize the risk of transmission, wash and clean personal items within the past two days.The fabrics should be washed in hot and soapy water.The temperature of your washer should be at least 130 degrees.Personal care items can be washed in soapy water.The item should be soaked for a few minutes.You can dry the item with a tissue or paper towel.For two weeks, put non-washable items in a plastic bag.The lice can be killed by this.There are vacuum floors and furniture.Throw the vacuum bag away or clean the filter when you're done.

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