Use a messaging service like Slack.

A chat platform for team communication and collaboration.To get started, you need to create a team and invite users to chat with you.You can use channels to communicate publicly and privately once your chat is set up.Track mentions, share files, and more can be done while chatting.

Step 1: It's possible to open Slack.

You can use Slack on their website or download the app for desktop or mobile platforms.It is possible to setup from the website and then use one of the apps to chat.

Step 2: Click on the button and enter an email address.

There is a field in the middle of the page on the website.You will be asked to enter a team name.You may be asked to enter a 6-digit security code in order to proceed.You will be prompted for an email on your mobile device.If you already know of a team you are trying to join, you can click on the Find Your Team button.

Step 3: You can enter a team name.

You will be asked to create a web domain for your team.

Step 4: Click "Next" to enter your web domain.

You will be asked to enter your name and password.The team's domain name will end in "".

Step 5: Go to the next page and enter a name.

You will be asked to review your team's details.

Step 6: Click to create your team.

You will be taken to the chat room.You can change anything you want next to any part of your team.

Step 7: You should invite people to your team.

There is a button located in the left sidebar.You can enter email addresses and names on the page.This button can be found at the top of the main chat screen on a mobile device.If you don't have admin role privileges, this button may not appear.

Step 8: There is a channel.

The left sidebar has a channel next to it.You can set a name, invite users, and choose whether it will be public or private.To access the sidebar on a mobile device, tap the team name in the upper left corner.

Step 9: Send messages to your teammates.

Next to "Direct Messages", click the "+" icon.A direct message channel will be created in the left sidebar for private communication between you and that user.Direct message channels can contain more than one person.

Step 10: Channel notifications need to be adjusted.

Click the gear icon in the upper right to selectNotification Preferences.You can change what actions will send you a notification on any platform associated with your account from here.There are custom notifications for mentions of specific words.The settings menu can be accessed on a mobile device.Pressing the Bell icon in the upper left will temporarily disabling notifications.

Step 11: If you want to switch teams, do it between teams.

If you are part of multiple teams with your account, you can switch between them by clicking the team name in the upper left and choosing to sign into another team.If you tap the team name instead of "sign into another team", you will see a four square icon in the upper right.

Step 12: You can switch between channels.

To change the chat area to that conversation, click any name under the "Channel" heading in the left sidebar.The channel quick search can be brought up by hitting the Ctrl+K key.The sidebar on mobile can be opened by tapping the team name in the upper left.

Step 13: Messages can be sent in a chat.

If you want to send a text, enter it in the text field.There is a button on the right side of the text field that you can use to add emoji.

Step 14: You can use special formatting.

To change your formatting, surround parts of your text with certain symbols.There is a full list of interactions on the slack support site.The message will be displayed in boldface with an asterisk on each side.The text will be italicized using underscores.Text will be struckthrough using tildes.To format your text with a codebox, use a triple backtick on each side.

Step 15: It is possible to modify messages.

When you hover over the message, you'll see a three dot icon on the right.This will bring up a menu to make edits, mark unread, pin, or set a reminder for that message.To see the full list of modifying options, tap and hold a message on the phone.A message will be placed at the top of a channel and displayed as you scroll.This can be used for important announcements.Before the reminder takes place, you can choose a period from 20 minutes to 1 week.

Step 16: Star messages are important.

When hovering over the messages, you can click the Star icon that appears next to the timestamp.Clicking the Star icon in the upper right will add it to a list of saved messages.The star appears at the top of the screen when you tap a message to select it.You can check your starred message by tapping the team name and selecting "starred" from the menu in the upper left.

Step 17: Mention a user.

If you want to mention the person's name, type "@" followed by their name.They will get a notification that they have been mentioned in a chat.The user has a slack message.Mentions can be used to address an entire channel or team.You can see if you have been mentioned in a message by clicking the icon in the upper right corner.On mobile, you can access this by tapping the team name and selectingMentions from the menu in the upper left.

Step 18: Add reactions to the messages.

When hovering over a message, you can add an emoji reaction that will be displayed below the message.These can be used for fun.The modify message menu can be used to add reactions.This is the only way to add them.Reactions can only be used as an expression.

Step 19: You can chat with files.

Click on the + button in the chat field to access the popup menu and select the file you want to download.The chat window on the computer can be used to drag and drop files.You can use the same chat field menu on mobile to take photos.Up to 5GB of files will be stored on the server.Upgrading to their paid services can increase this amount.

Step 20: Set reminders that are tailored to your needs.

Enter "/remind" into a text field followed by a person or channel.An automatic reminder will be set by Slack.The standard format is: "/remind [person]"."/remind general to clock out at 5:00 PM!"The time can be a specific one or a general one.Reminders will be sent from slackbot.

Step 21: Text and code snippets can be created.

Click "+" on the left side of the text field to create a sniper.The window will open with various options.slack will match the color formatting for the different values if you select a programming language from the upper left.The "share in" option allows you to choose which conversations and channels your snippets are shared on.Underneath your codebox, enter a comment that will be included.The mobile device can only use the basic tag.

Step 22: Timestamp archives can be used.

The left side of the message has a timestamp on it.You will be taken to the archive page of that message and any other messages sent after or in response to it.The archive link can be shared.The Link icon is in the upper right of the message.

Step 23: Integrate with other software.

If you have admin access to your team, you can go to and choose from a list of app extensions to include in your chat.Various productivity services have well maintained extensions.The included slackbot can be used to serve more specific purposes.

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