Use a Misbaha.

The misbaha is a bracelet made of 99 beads and is meant to represent the 99 names of Allah.People who follow Islam commonly useworry beads to ease their worries.You can keep track of how many times you have said "Subhan Allah," "Alhamdulillah," and "Allhu Akbar" by dividing the chain of larger beads into three parts. Step 1: The misbaha should be held between your thumb and index finger. At the start of the ring of beads, place your thumb and index finger above the tail.The tail should be near your palm.It is possible to use whichever hand feels most comfortable for you.There is a separate string of beads that is called the tail. Step 2: One time per bead, 33 times. While grasping a single bead between your thumb and index finger, repeat the phrase aloud or in your mind.If you want to repeat it again, move your fingers to the next bead.Continue this process until you have grasped 33 beads and repeated the phrase 33 times.Subhan Allah means "glory be to Allah" and is meant to praise Allah for being above imperfection.As you say this phrase, try to think of nothing but Allah. Step 3: Go over the beads with your thumb and forefinger. The beads mark the 3 sections.The first divide made of 1 or 2 beads is after the first 33 regular beads.You don't have to do anything special for the divider beads, it's just a reminder to switch your focus to the next phraseYou can use this bead to take a deep breath and allow your mind to focus on Allah. Step 4: State "Alhamdulillah" 33 times while grasping 1 bead at a time. You can feed the misbaha through your fingers if you hold it between your thumb and index finger.You have to do this 33 times until you get to the next bead.It is a common prayer to express gratitude.It is something Islamic people might say after sneezing. Step 5: When you come to the divider beads again, shift your attention. Once your fingers touch the smaller beads dividing the last 33 and the next 33, you will be ready to recite the final part of Dhikr.You can either stop and take a breath or go into the next phrase.The divider beads are not meant to be an end point or a bookmark. Step 6: Pass over the last 33 beads while recite Allahu Akbar. Each time your thumb passes over a bead, say or think Allahu Akbar, for a total of 33 times.It is possible to add an additional Allahu Akbar at the end of your prayer session."Allah is the greatest" is a phrase that comes up most often in all forms of Islamic prayer. Step 7: It's a good way to remind you to focus on spirituality. If you want to use the misbaha for spiritual rituals throughout the day, you need to wrap it around your wrist.If you are new to Islam or any spiritual practice, seeing it on your wrist can act as a reminder to praise Allah or get in touch with the present moment.If you work with your hands and get dirty, you may want to avoid wearing the misbaha on your wrist. Step 8: It is a good idea to wear it as a bracelet. If you don't associate with any religion or spiritual practice but want to use a misbaha to relieve stress and worry, wear it as a bracelet so you can be reminded to be present.It's a good idea to look at and feel the soft, beautiful beads when you feel overwhelmed.Take your misbaha off before you swim or shower.You could hold the beads to help you chill out. Step 9: It is accessible throughout the day if you keep it in your pocket or car. It's a good idea to keep your misbaha on your person or in your car so you can easily perform a spiritual practice.It is common to put the beads from the mirror to remind you to slow down and stay present.Keeping it in your pocket is a great way to keep it out of sight. Step 10: At the end of the day, put it in a pouch or box. When you start the new day, store your misbaha in a special pouch or jewelry box so you know where it is.A padded bag or box will protect your misbaha from the elements.If you see smudges or debris, use a microfiber rag.Misbaha is a tool to praise Allah and it is important to treat it well.Natural stones like tiger's eye, lapis lazuli, and even diamond can be found in some of the beads.It is best to keep your misbaha in a nice jewelry box.

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