Use a parking attendant.

Before dropping off your car at a valet parking service, it's a good idea to understand the different forms of decorum that they have.The workers work very hard and know when to tip.Preparing your car before dropping it off, communicating well with the valet workers, and keeping your ticket on hand when picking up the vehicle are all necessary for enjoying valet services.

Step 1: Before you enter the drop off zone, make sure your car is clean.

Before dropping off your car with a valet service, it is a good idea to pick up any trash or garbage.As the valet workers will be driving your car, it is important that they have a good experience.Before you leave for your trip, make sure to remove any trash or leftover food from a gas station or service station.If your car is dirty, you should wash it.Ensuring that your car is presentable before entering the drop off zone is a nice touch.It is a good idea to hang an air freshener in your car if you smoke or have eaten recently.

Step 2: Get some cash before you tip.

valet jobs are difficult and drivers are sometimes reliant on tips to complete their full minimum wage, so tipping your valet is an important thing to do.When you pick your car up, you should spend 2 to 5 dollars on tips.Saving ten dollars for tipping will keep you from not having any cash on hand when the time comes.A two to five dollar tip is average, but you can tip more if your valet is professional and hard working.

Step 3: There are valuable personal items in the car.

Before you leave for your destination, put your valuables in a bag or take them out of your car.If you leave something expensive in your car, there is no reason for the valet to steal from you.It's a good idea to take things like electronics, wallet, or sentimental items with you when you drop your car off.You can tuck items under the seats of your car if you're not particularly worried about them.

Step 4: Call in advance for the price.

Depending on where you drop off your car, the prices for valet services could vary a lot.Some businesses will give you free parking, but others will charge you.You can check before the expense to make sure you are prepared.If they only accept cash, ask if they accept credit or debit cards.If you use valet services at a hotel, they want you to pay a daily rate.

Step 5: Take your car key out of the rest of your keys.

There is a chance that your key could be lost when you drop off your car.It is not worth putting your entire key ring at risk.Bring a spare car key or take the key off the ring and keep the rest of your keys safe and secure.If you have a lot of keys on your ring, it's a pain to give your entire ring to the worker.

Step 6: Pick the drop off zone and approach slowly.

It's a good idea to approach the drop off zone at an appropriate speed.Look for a sign that saysvalet parking drop off.Keep an eye out for the workers who will show you where to pull up.Take a slow stop in front of the sign and get your belongings as the worker approaches your vehicle.Asking someone who works at the establishment is a good way to find the drop off zone.You will be directed to the parking area.While pulling into the drop off area, pay close attention to your surroundings.There will be people walking around.

Step 7: Leave the car running.

One of the most important things to remember when dropping your car off is to keep your keys in the ignition.Having to restart your car will slow down the workers.

Step 8: The worker will open your door for you.

You can open the door yourself, but it's a part of the culture of valet parking for the worker to help you out.This will allow the worker to move at their own pace.Getting out of the car too early may slow the worker down.When you tip, remember that having your door opened for you is a pleasant experience and will show that the worker is professional and hard-working.Your environment will affect this service.It can be expected at a luxurious hotel or restaurant.

Step 9: Let the worker know about any problems with your car.

The valet drive needs to be informed if there is a problem with your vehicle that will make parking the car difficult.The valet worker will be in a hurry, so don't go into too much detail.Let the worker keep moving if they communicate the car's problems directly.It's a good idea to tell your valet if you have any problems with your brakes or doors.You can tell them if the vehicle is automatic or manual.

Step 10: Put the ticket in a safe place after you get it from the valet.

You will still be able to pick up your car with your driver's license, but it will take more time when you come back.You can put the ticket in your wallet, purse, or any other safe place.If you don't receive a ticket when dropping off your car, you should ask the drivers to give you one.

Step 11: Before entering the vehicle, please tip the valet driver $2 - $5 (USD).

It's important to tip before the driver parks your vehicle.This early tip will help your chances of having your vehicle returned in perfect condition and will let the driver know that you appreciate the service.If you return to your vehicle, you can save 2 to 5 more dollars to tip the driver.You should tip the driver who is going to be parking your car.

Step 12: If you're in a hurry, call before you go.

The ability to retrieve cars quickly may be difficult during busy hours.If you have somewhere to go and don't want to wait for your car to be dropped off, you can call ahead and let the valet workers know that you will be there.If you are leaving an event at the same time as a large group of people, you should give the valet drivers at least 10 to 20 minutes.

Step 13: You can give your ticket to one of the valet workers.

The job of a valet worker is to take tickets and inform drivers which cars to retrieve.When you approach the desk, have your ticket ready.You may be asked for your name and basic information by the valet employee.

Step 14: Once your vehicle arrives, check it for damage.

Before tipping the valet driver or receiving the keys to your vehicle, do a quick walk around to make sure you don't have any damage.Check the doors, back bumper, and front of the car for any damage that wasn't already there.Inform the driver of any damages to the car and then speak with the manager.The liable party for damages to your car will be different depending on where you live.Some companies will take on the liability of the driver.You will not be able to prove that the company is responsible if you drive away.

Step 15: Before leaving, please tip the driver $2 - $5 each time.

The second tip is to give the driver your keys when they hand you them.Let the driver know that you appreciate their hard work.Feel free to tip more if you think the driver did a great job.

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