Use autosuggestion.

Positive words and sentences are used to change your perception.A self-development method used to create new, positive beliefs about yourself as well as an effective method for ending bad habits.It is possible to place ideas into your subconscious and make them believe they are true. Step 1: Make a list of the things that you want to change. Decide what kind of person you want.Make a list of the bad habits you want to get rid of.Determine what obstacles you want to overcome.Pick something that you really want.Make sure it is realistic and consistent with your other goals and not harmful to others. Step 2: Something believable is what you should choose. The autosuggestion needs to be believable to you.It will not work if you don't believe it.Instead of saying I make $100,000 per year, say "I choose to earn $100, 000 per annum." Step 3: Emotions can be used. In order for an autosuggestion to work, feelings must be triggered.The more effective the autosuggestion is, the more meaningful it is. Step 4: The first person to use is you. No one else has the autosuggestions.Don't make autosuggestions based on how other people think you should be.What do you want to be? Step 5: Be positive. Positive thinking and autosuggestions are more effective.Positive statements keep you motivated.Don't be negative.Negative phrases such as I cannot, I will not, or I do not want should be avoided. Step 6: Don't create a time limit. This can cause stress, which can interfere with your goals. Step 7: You can practice the autosuggestion. To practice autosuggestion, use meditation, sleep, or writing.The faster you practice your autosuggestion, the quicker it will work. Step 8: You can use meditation to suggest things. Your mind is more open to new ideas when you are in a relaxed state. Step 9: Find a place that is comfortable. You want an environment that is relaxing.It should be a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Step 10: Use music. Music can be used to relax your mind.Music helps you focus.If it helps you meditate, use music.If music distracts you, don't use it. Step 11: Sit well. You can either sit on the floor or in a chair.You should be well supported and comfortable.If you are sitting in a chair, keep your feet on the ground. Step 12: Keep your eyes open. If you don't want to keep your eyes open, you can find a room with enough light.You might fall asleep while relaxed. Step 13: Relax. Try to relax while you sit.Take a deep breath and do it regularly.Your attention should be on a point below you.Pay passive attention to the spot once you are aware of it. Step 14: Don't think about yourself. Do not engage a thought.Let the thought go and acknowledge it.You don't want to participate.Any active participation can make you tense. Step 15: You should repeat your autosuggestions. If you feel completely relaxed, repeat your autosuggestion to yourself.Emotions should be put into the autosuggestion.Take a picture of yourself performing the autosuggestion. Step 16: Take at least twenty to thirty minutes to meditate. You want to give yourself enough time to absorb the suggestions. Step 17: Take a picture of your autosuggestion. You can use a voice recorder or a recording program on your phone to record your autosuggestion.If you put the recording on repeat, it will keep playing while you sleep.You should record your autosuggestions in a soft voice.You want it to be gentle.If you don't like the sound of your voice, have a friend or family member record it for you. Step 18: The second person should be used. The second person will be used differently than the other methods.You are commanding yourself.Say "you are a courageous person" instead of "I am a brave person." Step 19: Each line is repeated ten times. You should repeat each line ten times before moving to the next one.Continue until you have a recording. Step 20: You can use headphones while you sleep. Make sure the headphones give you a good night's sleep.If you sleep on your side, use earbuds to rest your head. Step 21: You should make yourself relax. Try to relax while sitting or lying down.Take a deep breath and do it regularly.When the mind is relaxed, it is more open to suggestion. Step 22: As you fall asleep listen to them. As you sleep, the Affirmations will be absorbed into your unconscious. Step 23: You can use the recording for 14 nights. Repetition will help you remember.Move on to a new affirmation after 14 days. Step 24: You can schedule a time. Pick a time to see your autosuggestions.Setting a schedule will help you keep a consistent schedule.You are more prone to suggestion when you sleep and awake. Step 25: Make yourself relax. Try to relax while you sit.Take a deep breath and do it regularly.When you are relaxed, visualization and autosuggestion work better. Step 26: You should close your eyes. With your eyes closed, you can stand or sit. Step 27: You can repeat your autosuggestion. When you repeat your autosuggestions, visualize yourself.Attach as much meaning as you can.The more emotion you put into the visualization, the more efficient it becomes. Step 28: The images should be as vivid as possible. As you imagine your autosuggestion coming to life, try to involve every sense.Try to see, hear, smell, and touch the scene. Step 29: Attach emotion to the visualization Imagine how the suggestion would make you feel.Attach that feeling to your picture.Imagine how you would feel if you were promoted: happy, successful and self-assured. Step 30: You should act out your experience. See scenes in which you are using your autosuggestion.In a situation where you would use your autosuggestion, move your body and use hand gestures.Picture yourself giving a wonderful speech in front of an audience if you think you are a good public speaker.Imagine doing hand gestures to emphasize your point. Step 31: The visualization can be repeated. You should try to visualize at least two or three times a day.It's important to practice the visualization consistently.If you do them many times, visualization and autosuggestion will work. Step 32: The paper should be folded in half. Write a list of things you want to change on the left side of the paper.Everything that comes to mind, write it down.You want to be authentic. Step 33: Listen to yourself. Listen to yourself over the next few days.Don't think about what you're saying.Every negative self-talk statement that you notice, write it down. Step 34: Positive statements can be written. Rewriting every negative statement into a positive one.This should be done on the right side of the paper.You can use the most powerful words.If you want to avoid using the future tense, say "I am intelligent and insightful."If you're not comfortable saying "I am", you can say " I'm getting better at..."If you can't think of more powerful words, use a thesaurus. Step 35: Place the paper in half. The negative side should not be referred to again.You want your mind to think you're done with those thoughts.You will teach it how to think positively. Step 36: The folder paper is where you will see it. Either put it in the refrigerator or the bathroom mirror.The positive statement side should be showing.There is no need to linger over the list.It's there to remind you that you're changing yourself. Step 37: Pay attention to what you are saying. Don't say one of the old, negative statements.Say the new, positive statement when you stop yourself.

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