Use bookmarks in the browser.

If you want to know you can find the same sites again with ease, using bookmarks within the browser is simple.This video explains how to use bookmarks in a browser. Step 1: You can add a bookmark to the page. Step 2: There is a star in the URL box. Step 3: You can click the star. A box should open. Step 4: You can choose a name for the bookmark. The icon for the site will only be shown if it is blank. Step 5: Pick a folder to keep it in. If you want to select an alternative folder, click the folder field.You can add it to the grey bar at the New Tab page. Step 6: When you are done, click Done. If you want to change the settings, you can do it later. Step 7: You can change the bookmark on the page you visit. Step 8: The golden star can be found in the top right corner. Step 9: Change what you do. Go to Edit for advanced editing. Step 10: When finished, click Done. Step 11: You can remove the bookmark on the page that has it. Step 12: Click the star. Step 13: The box is located in the top right corner.