Use promescent.

There is an over-the-counter treatment for premature ejaculation called promescent.Premature ejaculation can be prevented by applying the appropriate amount of promescent to the genitals.Before using promescent, you should talk to your partner about the risks and the effects on their body.

Step 1: Time yourself.

You need to apply promescent at least ten minutes before sex.It will take up to an hour for the numbing effects to wear off.It won't work if you apply promescent hours or seconds before sex.

Step 2: Pick up the bottle.

The standard metered-dose bottle needs to be prepared.There is a small plastic piece over the nozzle.The child-resistant cap can be unlocked.Shake the bottle for ten seconds.Press the spray pump when you right the bottle.Wait about two seconds between pumps to do this up to twenty times.Stop when the formula releases.

Step 3: You need to determine your dose.

You might want to start with a few sprays.Many users find the suggestion of three sprays too much.It is not safe to use more than 10 sprays.Desensitizing lidocaine is released by each spray.

Step 4: Find your frenulum.

The most sensitive spot on your penis is the frenulum.There is a ridge of tissue on the underside of your penis.

Step 5: It's a good idea to apply 1 to 3 sprays.

You can either spray the formula onto your penis or rub it on your fingers.You can repeat the same method up to three times.Many users find that one or two sprays are all they need.You should apply to the frenulum.Rub in after each spray.Immediately after, wash your hands.You or your partner could be at risk of eye injury if you have traces of promescent on your hands.

Step 6: Wait a bit.

Don't wash or touch your genitals for ten minutes.Your skin will absorb the substance.You can maintain good sensation if you wait for this absorption to take place.It makes it less likely that the anesthetic will be transferred to your partner.After ten minutes, wash your genitals with soap and water.If you don't wash, trace amounts may cause a problem in your partner.After ten minutes, the active ingredients will have been absorbed.The promescent will be affected by the soaking of your genitals.Don't take a bath after applying promescent.You can wipe yourself clean with a wet cloth.Condoms or lubricant are safe to use once the promescent is absorbed and the genitals are washed.

Step 7: You should observe your progress during sex.

Users experience longer intercourse the first time they use promescent.Users report improved results after using the product three times.You should notice if you feel numb during your first use.Ask your partner if he or she felt numb from it.If you want, apply again.You can repeat your application if you feel the effects are not strong enough.Don't use more than 10 sprays.Do not re- apply if you used ten sprays.If you use more than ten sprays of promescent, you may experience some side effects.If your penis is frequently used, wash it with soap and water.If symptoms persist, see a doctor.

Step 8: The dose should be adjusted

Depending on how your first experience went, you may want to spray more, less or on different parts of your penis.Try spraying on the glans or along the shaft if the numb frenulum didn't work for you.You can use repeat use to determine the right dose and method of application.

Step 9: Talk with your partner.

It doesn't just affect you.It has an effect on your sexual partner or partners.Discuss the risks and possible side effects of promescent with your partner.If you use promescent, your partner could experience numbness or irritation.Inform your partner before you have sex.If you did not completely wipe off the promescent after application, your partner's mouth may go numb.

Step 10: You can get a trial bottle.

If you and your partner don't know if promescent is right for you, you can get a trial bottle.The sprays are designed for a single use.You can invest in a metered-dose bottle if you like it.

Step 11: Don't hesitate to talk to your doctor.

Talk to your doctor if you frequently ejaculate before intercourse.Sometimes premature ejaculation can have a serious cause.If you have symptoms of diabetes, you should visit a doctor.

Step 12: Check for allergies, illness, and injury.

There is lidocaine in promescent.Do not use promescent if you or your partner are allergic to it.Do not use promescent if you or your partner develop a rash, irritation, itching, or burning.Check for cuts and injuries.Do not use promescent on skin that is broken or irritated.Check yourself and your partner to make sure you don't have any marks on your genitals.Do not use if your partner is pregnant.If you or your partner are being treated for a disease, do not use promescent.

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