Use soy sauce

Soy sauce can be used to add flavor to many dishes.If you want to make your food even more delicious, you can cook with soy sauce.It is easy to get your money's worth when you buy a bottle of soy sauce.

Step 1: You can add soy sauce to your rice dishes.

Fried rice meals are great with soy sauce.You can start by adding 15 mL to your food.After doing a small taste test, you can add more if you don't think this is enough.Don't use soy sauce too much because it has a high salt content.Too much soy sauce can ruin your meal.

Step 2: Don't use noodles in soy sauce.

A meal that goes great with soy sauce is stir fry.It's a good idea to splash about 15 liters of soy sauce on your dish.Try and cover as much of the food as possible by spreading the soy sauce around your stir fry.Try the soy sauce on your stir fry.You can always add more soy sauce to your stir fry, but you can't remove it if you think you've added too much.You should start with a relatively small amount and work your way up from there.

Step 3: Adding soy sauce to egg or spring rolls adds flavor.

Spring rolls can be made with soy sauce.If you want to dip away, fill a small bowl with about 30 liters of soy sauce.These foods come with packets of soy sauce.To use the soy sauce as a dipping sauce, cut off the top part of the packets with scissors and put them in a small bowl.

Step 4: Adding soy sauce to salads can add richness and complexity to the dish.

Adding a few drops of soy sauce to the vinaigrette salad dressing will add another layer of flavor.You run the risk of over-seasoning your food if you don't add the soy sauce first.You don't need to add salt to your salad dressing if you want to try this.

Step 5: Use soy sauce to make a great barbeque sauce.

One recipe calls for a base of 2 cups of soy sauce, a cup of brown sugar, and a small amount of Ketchup.Add apple cider vinegar, 2 cloves of garlic, and a small amount of red pepper flakes.Bring the mixture to a boil in a medium-sized saucepan.Remove the pan from the heat and allow the sauce to cool for 15 minutes.If you like the taste of red pepper, you can add more of it.Make sure you finish the sauce within a week by keeping it in an air-tight container.It will go bad if it isn't done.

Step 6: For pasta, add it to meat sauce.

A small amount of soy sauce goes a long way.Add 15 mL of meat sauce to your pot and stir for 5 minutes to mix the soy sauce in.If you use salt in the first place, make sure to add soy sauce.You don't need to add any salt to soy sauce since it has a high salt content.

Step 7: You can make soy-roasted nuts for a snack.

Soy sauce can be used as a salt substitute because it adds an extra layer of flavor.Take a pack of almonds and put them in a bowl of soy sauce for 1-2 hours.Set your oven to 150 F and dry-roast the nuts for 4-5 hours.Almonds and peanuts are two examples of nuts you can use.

Step 8: Add soy sauce to a soup or stew.

Thin soups are not very enjoyable to eat.You can make it thicker and give it an added punch of flavor by adding more soy sauce.You can use soy sauce to deepen the flavor of hot and sour soup.If you are new to soy sauce, you can add just a small amount to see if you like it.You can always add more later.

Step 9: Instead of salt, cook scrambled eggs in soy sauce.

Use a whisk to whip up the eggs.Continue whisking the eggs with a few drops of soy sauce.This gives you seasoning from the start as opposed to an even layer of salt on top of the eggs.tamari sauce can be used to keep your dish free of wheat.

Step 10: For a simple but filling meal, cook pork in sweet soy sauce.

Get a pork loin that is 2 pounds and chop it into small cubes that are 2.5 cm long and 1 cm wide.Put a few drops of olive oil in a large skillet and heat it up.Then, cook the pork until it is no longer pink.While the pork is cooking mix the rest of the ingredients in a bowl.The dish should be ready for 30 minutes after the heat is turned down.The recipe calls for soy sauce, vegetable oil, garlic and ginger paste, olive oil and sesame oil.It will take about 3 minutes for the pork to no longer be pink.You can serve this dish over a bed of steamed rice by adding parsley or green onions.

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