Use Worry Beads.

Do you have a good set of worry beads?Fear not!Here are some common methods of using worry beads!

Step 1: You can loop the string of beads around.

If you want a long empty section on the loop, move the beads onto one side of the string.Attach the string to your hand by holding your fingers together.Put the empty section of string on your palm and the beads on the back of your hand.It doesn't matter which hand you use.The shield is a large bead on the string that doesn't move around.The shield should be at the bottom of the loop.

Step 2: The top of the string should be pulled toward you by your thumb.

To move the string and beads freely, keep your fingers outstretched.Put your thumb on the string and slide it down your palm.The beads will move against the back of your hand.Pull the string when the first bead on the loop reaches the top of your hand.The beads will fall down if you pull the string too fast.

Step 3: The first bead should fall down if you tip your hand.

Slowly tilt your hand.The bead will slide down the string and click against the shield.The beads should stay on the back of your hand if you tilt the hand back.Hold the other beads back with your thumb.The quiet sliding method is used when you are indoors and around other people.

Step 4: Pull the loop until you get to all the beads.

When the bead is on top of your fingers, use your thumb to move the string around.The bead should fall on top of the first one if you tip your hand.Continue until you reach an empty section of string again.It is possible to say anAffirmation like "I will be relaxed" as each one falls down.

Step 5: If you want to keep using the beads, you should turn the loop around.

You will have all of the beads in your palm after you go through the loop.The beads will face the back of your hand if you turn the loop off.You can let them fall down if you slide the loop back onto your fingers.

Step 6: The beads should be split into two equal sections with no strings between them.

Set a loop of worry beads on a table.The largest bead that doesn't move is on each side of the shield.There are empty lengths of string between the 2 groups of beads if the remaining beads are moved to the opposite side of the loop.Your groups will not be perfectly even because of the number of beads on a loop.It doesn't matter which group has the extra bead.

Step 7: You can hold the string between your fingers.

Pinch the sections of string between your beads.Make sure the 2 groups of beads stay separated by picking up the strings.One group of beads is on the back of your hand, and the other group is in your palm, if you drape the string over your middle finger.Use your index finger to hold the string down.It is easier to swing your beads if your palm faces your torso.

Step 8: Take the worry beads out of your fingers and put them into your palm.

Don't hit them with your beads if you keep your fingers outstretched.The beads on the back of your hand should flip over if you rotation your wrist.When the beads hit the group you are holding in your palm, they will make a loud click.If you are alone or in a noisy area, Clicking the beads together works well.

Step 9: You can loop the string back between your fingers.

The string should stay in place if you pinch it between your thumb and index finger.Curl your middle finger behind the string.Pull your index finger out of the loop formed by the string and put it on top.The beads will be in their original positions.The first time you try to move the string back between your fingers will be awkward, but it will get easier over time.

Step 10: You should keep flipping the beads until you feel good.

Try to maintain a steady rhythm when you flip the beads.If you want to stay calm, focus on the clicking sound rather than the thing you are worried about.

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