V2781 - HCPCS Code for progressive lens, per lens

There are two service lines on the claim form.You can enter the appropriate code on the first service line.To find out if the lenses were progressive, enter V2781 on the second service line.

Divide the total charge when entering it in column 24F.The charges for the standard bifocal or trifocal lens should be entered on the first service line, and the remaining charge attributable to the progressive construction of the lens ought to be in the second line.

Special Vision providers will be paid based on the negotiated rate when the first service line is processed.The member will be responsible for the billed charge if the second service line is denied.

If a patient chooses to purchase a $120 bifocal lens from the provider, it will be billed as follows.The standard portion of the charge is billed on the first line, while the nonstandard portion is charged to the second line.

The dollar amounts shown in the above example are for illustrative purposes only and may vary depending on the negotiated arrangement between HMSA and the provider.

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