Vaina is the most important word in Dominican Spanish and can be translated to English.

The word vaina is a necessity in everyday social communication and is the most versatile word in the Spanish language.More than a few Dominicans uttered the word 'vaina' not long after'mama' and 'dada'.

The Urban Dictionary defines vaina as follows.The power of this word is much more than simply 'thingamabob'.Vaina can be used for hitting on the opposite sex, as well as referring to illegal substances in the presence of children and foreigners, in place of a woman's monthly visitor.In any number of undesirable situations, or unknown and communicating general unpleasantness/lack of significance.

There you are in the Spanish language.A single word that expresses the hopes, dreams, frustrations, cautionary advice and grocery lists of an entire nation.

When you go to a central city from the DR, you can't find a person who uses the word vaina.The meaning of Vaina is not known in the Spanish language.

Vaina is a real word.Sword blades are often provided with a protective cover known as the scabbard.The word refers to the layer covering the seeds of the family.

As a person who has always lived in the city, I can say that this word has a common use all over the country, from people who go to college, to people in high positions.It's part of our idiosyncrasy.Is that the case?

The Dominican people make their own language into the Spanish language.You need to know the real meaning of the word if you want to say it is useful for the Dominican people.You can find many other people in this culture.

I agree that the term Vaina has been woven into the everyday language of many Dominicans.The expression "jodienda" is similar to "Vaina" and outdates it.It's es esa vaina!

I think the site should be updated because this is good and funny.What do you think about us Dominicans that were only interested in these 4 things?Dominicans do a lot of funny things.

It doesn't mean to pick up some rum at the bodega, but to get me the stuff.

I write something similar to the excellent posting, "#4 The Word vaina Stuff Dominicans Like".Will you mind if I use a few of your points?Thanks for your time, Noel.

While I was at work, my cousin stole my iPad and tested it to see if it could survive a 40 foot drop.She has 83 views on my broken iPad.I have to share it with someone because it is completely off topic.

"vaina" es popular, significa todo lo, aqu, la palabra "joda"significa lo mismo.Is it true that es esa vaina?Is it true that qué es esajoda?Y dems expresiones that there is a mismo para las dos palabras.quteme esa vaina de encima.The problema de encima is quteme..ivamos por la calle y de repente.No sabamos qué, se nos venia encima.Ass innumerable expresiones, para todo una dos palabras.Problema, situacin, and negativa depend on each other.The presidente hasta el mendigo.Todo el mundo entiende de qué se habla.

Another example of a word that can be offensive in some contexts, but not in others, was commented on by Fran Brazzell.There are many links referring to different countries that discuss the nuances of the word vaina.I liked this one the most.

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