Van der Waals radius is greater than the covalent radius.

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The internuclear separation between the nuclei of two single-bonded atoms of the same species is called covalent radius.Half of the distance between the closest approach of two non-bonded atoms is defined by van der Waals radius.

Why is the covalent radius smaller than the metallic one?The electrons are positioned between the nuclei so they are pulled together.The covalent radius is smaller because of this contraction of nucleus.The metallic radii of atoms is greater than the covalent radii.

When the forces between the two unbonded atoms are balanced, the Van der Waals radius is equal to one half the distance.It is half of the distance between two atoms that aren't in the same molecule.

There are many ways to measure the size of the atom.Half the diameter of a neutral atom is the atomic radius.Half the distance is between two gas atoms that are touching each other.